Mod Podge confetti tray

Mod Podge tissue paper tray Looking to spice up your next party with a bit of color? How about this confetti tray from Vicki O’Dell at The Creative Goddess? She made it for New Year’s, but it can be used any time of year for any event. I would do mine in a bunch of blues and teals. You could also stick this on a candlestick for a cake stand. I wouldn’t put food on it (Mod Podge is non-toxic, but it’s not food safe), but you can put clear glass plates on top so that you can see the colorful splendor. Vicki has the instructions on her site for how to make.

Confetti tray at The Creative Goddess


  1. Pamela says

    It makes me smile! Love all the brights. Do you have any thoughts about the homemade recipe for mod pode?

  2. Anonymous says

    I saw this and instantly thought, “why not do it to the bottom of a glass plate?” then you could set food on the top to your heart’s desire! you’d have to hand wash it but for a cake plate or serving tray that’s not a big deal. also LOVING the teal idea