IKEA hack: napkin euro light

IKEA hack flower light I recently spotted this redone IKEA Melodi lamp at IKEA Hackers and woah – it’s really cool. If I didn’t know any better, I would think that those blue flower squiggles were printed directly on the fixture. They aren’t. Those are napkins. The napkins makes the fixture look more expensive than it is, because wait until you see the price. You are going to poop your pants! Okay, maybe not, but you’ll definitely want to have a few of these puppies around your home.

7 euro light wonder at IKEA Hackers


  1. lauren says

    Super cute site! I found it thru pinterest and will DEFINITELY be coming back here. I’m just starting with the crafting and have been trying to find cute ideas for the kids and the house and I believe I found the place for it. A modge podge starter pack is the neatest thing for beginners like me. I didn’t even know they had anything like that; I will surely be looking for it. Thanks for putting all of this out there, it’s definitely helpful. [email protected]

  2. Anne says

    Oh my goodness, I could not love this more! I’ve been meaning to go to Ikea for a while now, but now I *really* have to go!

  3. Tina F says

    • Amy says

      Hi Melanie! Should be fine as long as you keep the Mod Podge on the outside of whatever shade you use!