DIY junkmail snowflake votives

junkmail snowflake jar lanternsI certainly love snowflakes – and the snow on the ground that comes with snowflakes. I don’t love the junkmail that I get, so why not make that very junkmail into something I do like? That is what Michele did with her junkmail snowflake votives. I love the colors that make them pretty during the day, as well as the pretty pattern cast with a warm glow at night. And the best part? These can be free if you have Mod Podge and leftover glass jars (because who doesn’t have junk mail).

Junkmail snowflake lanterns at michele made me


  1. Mermaids of the Lake says

    These are adorable! What a fun and creative way to use that crazy stuff that comes in the mail. Awesome! Thanks for sharing…!