Dimensional Magic charm pendants

Dimensional Magic personalized pendants I’ve always loved the letter “A” displayed on things. Am I the only one – or do some of you love your initials? I liked the book The Scarlet Letter because she got to wear an “A” on her chest (just kidding, I love that book, but, um, that letter isn’t because of her name). These charm pendants spotted at Ruby Jean are absolutely beautiful, and if you love your initials (or know someone who does), you need to make a few. The brass rings give it a special touch. I want to make two “A”s and wear. Do you want to make some too? Visit the tutorial here.

PS – Browse around a bit, because Angelina also sews some very cute aprons.


  1. Ruby Jean says

    OH so VERY sweet of you to feature this… See Now I just want to give you two “A’s” .. :) I always LOVED it in school when they would do the Line Up line or anything that the teacher used for Alphabetical order.. Because I was always first.. :) Even when they went by Last Names.. Which was “A” to!!! Oh I forgot to mention how I always wanted my Sweaters to have an “A” like Laverne had her “L”… :)

  2. Mandie says

    I have purchased 2 bottles of this product and have only about half my projects turn out. I have had to srape some very labor intensive pieces due to bubbles. I have read blogs and websites that say to pop with a pushpin or toothpick but I find I am chasing bubbles until they turn into more smaller bubbles! I am also finding that bubbles form towards the end of the drying process and since I’m not sitting with them the entire time I come back to find projects ruined. What would you suggest to curb this problem? I am finding that if I only want to highlight areas it works fine but when trying to fill in like many of the creative pendants displayed on this website and others I get bubbles. Help??