Clay Valentine’s Day necklace for kids or adults.

Clay Valentine's Day necklace for kids or adults

I’ve always had a fascination with clay but have never been really sure how to use it. I stumbled upon this cute little clay heart necklace from Muffin Tin Mom and I thought it was a great way to learn how to use this fun material. Plus who doesn’t love a little glitter? You can make one for you and your daughter, or you and your husband. And if your husband doesn’t wear it, make him feel guilty for not supporting your handmade hobby, and then go spend $50 at Michaels. Kidding (sort of).

How to make a clay heart necklace at Muffin Tin Mom


  1. Michelle, Muffin Tin Mom says

    It’s not every day you wake up to being featured on Mod Podge Rocks! Thank you Amy!