Recycled gift box ornaments thanks to Starbucks.

Recycled gift box ornaments made with washi tapeIt wasn’t so very long ago that I bought two cake pops at Starbucks, and each of them came in a fancy box. The boxes were sturdy and had amazing sliding action, so at the time I thought that I should keep them. I just knew they would come in handy, and sure enough, I made some recycled gift box ornaments out of them. These are perfect for those little tricks – you know, when the gifts are all opened but you still have something small to give. Tell them to pick up that ornament on the tree and look inside!

Of course, the gift would have to be small, but there is more room than you think. And I’m sure you noticed the washi tape. Now it’s time to show you how they were made.

Gather These Supplies

Small cardboard boxes – you can make them out of a cereal box if you don’t have fancy Starbucks boxes
Mod Podge Satin
Martha Stewart Decorative Paint – Wedding Cake
Washi tape
Ribbon to hang
Red buttons
Craft glue

Here are the boxes. I like the green (the perfect shade), but not so much the brown.

So I painted them white. It took several coats.

I started applying the washi tape on the diagonal on one box, allowing Roxie to inspect the process (she’s QC).

One box was all on the diagonal, and I changed it up for the second box. Trim with scissors when done.

Mod Podge the washi tape to the box. Give a few coats and let dry.

I glued the ribbon into the handy-dandy slit at the top of each box.

Glue any buttons on and let dry. Assemble and you’re ready to hang.

I’m quite pleased at my surprise boxes.

Now, who will I surprise? I think I’m going to hang these with candy in them. Hopefully I don’t eat it all since I know where it is . . .


  1. Christina says

    This is adorable! I’ll have to remember to ask for boxes next time I purchase cake pops there. I make cake pops all the time, but we want to try the different flavors Starbucks has so it will be a good excuse to go. :)

  2. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    I love these, Amy! I probably would have kept them, too. Love the way you decorated them.

  3. Jane Wetzel says

    great box! I have also saved one and now I know why lol Esp love Roxie…I have a “Patty”… :)


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