Posting great pictures with your smartphone

I’m not a professional photographer by any means. I’m going to tell you though, I absolutely love taking pictures with my smartphone. Why? Because they don’t look like crap. In fact, they actually look halfway decent! I took the picture above of my little piggie Roxie, and it looks kinda good. Don’t you think?

Since I enjoy taking photos so much, I wanted to share with you my top five tips for taking and sharing great pictures on your smartphone.If you follow my tips, you are going to have more success!

1. Adjust your photo settings to the maximum. Not all photos need to be taken this way, but if you want a really great photo, you should take it at the highest resolution with the highest image quality. On your smartphone, go to the camera menu look for the setting for image resolution. You may also have a setting for image quality. Turn them both up to the max!

2. Practice with various settings. Some smartphones have more settings than others, but a lot of them give you the ability to change the white balance and the ISO. The white balance changes the temperature of the light – it makes the light go more toward the cool color spectrum in some situations and more toward the warm in others. If you have a good white balance, your photos will look more natural. ISO affects how much light the camera lets into the picture – the higher the ISO, the less light your camera will need. Both these settings can make or break a picture, so if you have them on your smartphone, practice using them.

3. Find a photo application that you love. Every smartphone has the ability to access photo applications, and there are so many good ones out there. My personal favorite is Instagram (I’m addicted), but every smartphone app store has hundreds of them. Look at reviews and check out your friends photos – what app did they use? The right photo app will also make it easy to share with your favorite social media (like Facebook and Twitter).

4. Use filters. There are a lot of photo applications with filters, and the more filters the better (in my humble opinion). I use filters heavily to change the look of a picture – filters not only change the color, but depending on the filter they can make “mistakes” a bit more faint. One filter that I love is “bokeh,” which causes a bit of a blur in select areas of the photo. You can see it on the lower right of my piggie photo above.

5. Utilize social media. Now that you have the awesome photos in your camera, share them! You can do it through your photo applications, but you can also go onto Facebook and upload them, share them on Twitter, blog about them or share them on Pinterest. Pinterest is a relatively new social media tool completely based on sharing attractive and interesting photos. The more sharing, the better!

Here’s another one of my favorite smartphone pics I’ve taken. Those were life-sized boats, but the perspective and the filter combined to make the scene look like a miniature boat world! I hope my tips help you get some great smartphone photos on your camera roll in the near future (especially for the holidays).

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  1. Lisa says

    I’m with you, love taking photos from the smartphone. I got a nice shot last night of the full moon in the city with Christmas lights. The technology is really awesome.