Glitter ombre ornaments

DIY glitter ornamentI recently featured some no-mess glitter ornaments for those of us who are scared of glitter. But I know good and well that there is a contingent of you who absolutely LOVE real glitter and have a huge collection of it. With the ombre trend, I thought you might enjoy this gorgeous ornament spotted on Instructables. I love the colors chosen. They are so pretty that they might even get a glitter-fearer to try it. Visit the instructions here.


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    I am OBSESSED with Mod Podge! For over ten years it has been my go-to for scrapbooking, making collages, crafts and cards galore! Looking back though, I am shocked to realize that I’ve only ever used the matte finish. Perhaps now would be the perfect time to branch out and explore all of the magic made possible by other types of mod podge…