DIY Simply Screen screenprinting kit.

Screen printed deerI’ve always been a HUGE fan of screenprinting. I’ve done it with Mod Podge – do you remember my screen printed t-shirt? Well recently Plaid, makers of Mod Podge, released a Simply Screen screenprinting kit and let me try it. The exciting part of this kit is that you can 1) make your own design, 2) get detail that you can’t get with Mod Podge screenprinting and 3) use the screens over and over. This makes this product great for personalizing, parties, school crafts or even Etsy selling if you are so inclined. It’s way easier than traditional screenprinting and doesn’t involve the expensive supplies, plus it’s non-toxic. I’m thrilled.

I wanted to get started, so I quickly jumped in to making my own screen. I used free clip art of a deer (aren’t they called stags when they’re dudes?) to test the product and see what I thought. My experiment resulted in a basket with silver glitter and a hand towel with metallic silver paint. I can tell you that I was really pleased with how the projects turned out and LOVE my new screen. Take a peek at the process I went through, as well as some tips and tricks if you end up getting one of these bad boys for yourself.

Gather These Supplies

Simply Screen Silk Screen Kit
Simply Screen Paints – Metallic Silver
Simply Screen Foil and Glitter Adhesive
Simply Screen Glitter – Precious Metals
Surfaces to silk screen
Clip art

This is the kit, which comes in a handy little box that is essentially your own lightroom. All the goodies are in there, and you’ll use the box to make your screen.

Choose your art. I downloaded artwork from a free clip art site and printed it in black (you’ll want to do this for the best screen development possible). You can also see the little house set up and ready to go.¬†Read the instructions carefully and thoroughly before you start, since there a few steps that are really important.

I followed the instructions by cutting out my design and placing it face down onto the emulsion sheet.

I taped down the design (just with Scotch tape) and added a piece of glass on top to hold everything down. I had gotten this tip from Plaid. This is an important one – you can just use glass from a frame.

Let everything cook for 25 minutes. Set a timer, because 25 minutes is important. You don’t want to overexpose or underexpose the screen.

Fill the plastic container that comes in the kit with tepid water, then scrub the design (after 30 seconds) with the sponge that comes with it as well. It doesn’t take much scrubbing before you’ll start to see the emulsion disappear where your design is. Don’t scrub too hard – medium force is fine.

It took me about three minutes to scrub away my design. I had to scrub a little bit more near the ends of the antlers. After you’re done, dry your screen.

Tape the screen down to your fabric surface. Either side works.

Apply a thin line of paint or, in this case, adhesive to the top of the design and use the squeegee to pull it down. You’ll see that the adhesive will go down into the screen (through the mesh) and down onto the fabric.

This is the adhesive when wet. It’s got great detail.

Sprinkle glitter right on top with the little poofy thing. Let it dry and then knock it off – you’ll have a sparkly deer left behind!

Now time for the hand towel. Adhere the screen to the hand towel and squirt a line of the paint up at the top.

Use the included squeegee to bring the paint down and right onto the fabric. Let it dry.

Here are my two projects – I love them both. The results exceeded my expectations – and I can’t wait to use my screen on more items! I’m also looking forward to making a larger deer screen and using it on larger items. What do you think? Are you excited to try DIY Simply Screen?


  1. Ruby Jean says

    Oh my GOODNESS!! You can Screen Print with Mod Podge too!!! Seriously tell me What Mod Podge can’t do… It is the Crafters SPAM!!! and we all know that SPAM can do just about anything… ; )

  2. McPherson family says

    I am just learning all the fun different things you can do with mod podge. IT is my favorite thing!!! HOpe I win!!!!!!!!!! :)