American Tourister fabric suitcase

Decoupage suitcase revampWhen I first saw this suitcase revamp at The 36th Avenue, I loved it. And then I noticed something special about this blog entry. This is an American Tourister suitcase in nut brown (with a sweet, 80s pebbled feel). THESE are the suitcases that my parents had when my brothers and I grew up; we took them on so many trips. And then people started getting suitcases like these on wheels, remember that? We still carried the American Tourister. And then people started getting rollie bags. By this time I didn’t live at home anymore, but my parents still rocked the American Tourister. Later they finally graduated to something else, but I’m wondering if they still have ATs. Probably not, because I remember one of the large ones being about the size of a car hood. But you need it with a family of seven!

I love the way that Desiree took the ugly marbled brown and turned it in beautiful Miss Lola (her name for her bag) above. It’s really amazing given all the nooks and crannies on the suitcase. She has a detailed tutorial for you on here blog right here.


  1. tainted with a positive view says

    When I graduated from high school in 1975, my gift from my parents was a set of gold American Tourister luggage. I LOVED it! And I used it for years because it was easy to spot at the airport and I could put a lot in that big one (the size of a car hood). I wish I still had the train case. As you can see, I am getting nostaglic about it. Thanks for the happy memories!

  2. daniellecoop says

    Wondering if you could help.. I’ve just recently found pinterest and all of the crafts I want to do use mod podge. My only problem is that I dont know which mod podge to use for which. What differences are there in ones like paper or gloss? Thanks!

  3. Sandy says

    This is awesome! I have so many things in my Goodwill pile that could use a makeover. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Desiree @ The 36th AVENUE says

    Shut UP… My Lola is HERE!

    This is SO cool!

    I love your story. Thank you so much for the feature and have a wonderful Holiday Season!

    You made my day!