Display your children’s artwork

DIY Kids artwork holders
Not so very long ago I read a funny article about children’s artwork; the great dilemma about whether or not to pitch it. Now that I think back, where did my mom put all that “art” from her five kids? I have a sneaking suspicion! If you are a kids’ artwork keeper, then Ashley from Little Miss Momma has a great way to hang it using plaques and Mod Podge. I think these little plaques look fun and actually wouldn’t mind having them on the wall. Visit Ashley’s project here and then let me know – your children’s artwork, do you keep or toss it?


  1. catrowan says

    Bought an artist portfolio case at Michaels for each child when they were babies and keep a select sample of very well done or special art projects in it for them. They haul it out every time grandma comes to visit and show her their favorites. Can’t keep it all!

  2. Post-it Note says

    I kept too much when I was a kid and now I don’t know where all my boxes went. Mom?

    I’ve been tossing my kid’s stuff but starting to want to keep some now that they are almost 4 and 2 because it actually looks like something now. Where to store it? I like this display a lot! It looks great.

  3. Eileen Hull says

    I couldn’t keep EVERY piece of art from 4 kids… if they found it in the garbage, I would say, “How did that get in there? It must have fallen off the refrigerator!” Yeah, you mom tossed yours :-) But you are still making art so you’re not scarred too bad…

  4. Veronica says

    I keep some, usually the paintings. I would like to do something to display them all. With one of the paintings my daughter did, it was finger painting with a little glitter, very pretty, I cut it in squares and mod podged it to a glass bottle. Very pretty, could use as a vase or just a nice decorative item