Make some glitter and fabric pumpkins

brunch-at-saks-diy-glitter-pumpkins-halloween-crafts-for-kidsI’m telling you, I’ve never seen as many decoupaged pumpkins in my entire life as I’m seeing this year. What is going on my friends? I’m not quite sure, but I like it. First up are these glitter pumpkins from Brunch at Saks. Perhaps you are aware (because I talk about it every other day) that I love black glitter? I’m fond of both of these glitter pumpkins, but especially the black one with the polka dot embellishments. Ooh la la.

Mod Podge fabric pumpkinsIf you are feeling a little less glittery but still pumpkin-y, then perhaps these fabric wrapped pumpkins from Jarfly will tickle your fancy. I actually the the fact that the fabric doesn’t go on perfectly and causes some wrinkling, because it looks vintage-y and handmade. A little collection of these would look pretty sweet.

Unfortunately both blog posts are gone so I’ll let these pictures be your inspiration.

Looking for more Halloween ideas? I’ve got some coming this afternoon, so I’d love to have you back later in the day.


  1. Rebecca Ekstrom says

    OK…this painted pumpkin thing is cute, but are they painting real pumpkins or the fake plastic ones from the craft store?

    I’m just saying that the real pumpkins don’t take to paint real well :) Stick with carving unless you have plastic pumpkins.