Halloween lanterns and stripey witch legs

Mod Podge Halloween lanterns with tissue paperMod Podge Command Central is an apartment and doesn’t get any trick-or-treaters – can you believe that, for someone who loves Halloween so much? I just have to live vicariously through all of the costumes on Pinterest. I will tell you that if I had a house and a walkway, I would grace that path with these jar lanterns spotted at Stepmom Extraordinaire. I can’t decide which is my favorite face, but I really love that pumpkin on the left with his funny teeth. Which one do you love?


Another front porch project I love is this witch’s legs display by Liz of Hoosier Handmade. We all know that I love stripes, so those socks are perfect. The hat was made (to look witchy) with Mod Podge. Liz has the best porch decorations AND holiday food, so if you get a chance then stop by her blog for awhile. You won’t want to leave.

Just a few more days until Halloween. Do you have your costume ready, and if so, what are you going to be?


  1. Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire says

    I am so late, but thank you for featuring my lanterns! I was kind of going for a Mater-ish look with that one with the funny teeth. :)