Halloween coasters and candy totes

Mod Podge Halloween totesYou may be sitting on your couch right now wondering what you are going to do with your old instant oats and ice cream containers. The good news is that I have a solution, and it’s pretty fun and fitting for the season. These candy totes found on CRAFT are perfect for your sweet carryin’ needs, and are a fun place to store the candy when the big haul is collected. Plus I just love happy pumpkin faces, don’t you?

Mod Podge Halloween coastersMy second Halloween find for the day is this set of cute character coasters found on 19Eighty Expressions. Are you serious? I love that silly little Dracula with his red bow tie. This takes Halloween coasters to the next level. Store these carefully (with wax paper between each) when not in use so that they are around for years to come.

More Halloween later in the day. I can’t get enough!