Cute Halloween DIY cupcake stand.

Cute Halloween DIY cupcake stand

The life of a Man Podger is not easy – you have to come up with cute projects all day and then craft all night.  Meanwhile, Mod Podge Amy is breathing over your shoulder, telling you to work faster . . .   Hahaha!  Just kidding guys.  I don’t know if you’ve seen all of the projects from Man Podgers Walter and David, but they are so unique – there hasn’t been one I haven’t loved.  Just like this cupcake candy pedestal from Walter.  Anything Halloween-related is fine by me, but I especially love Halloween party goods.  Walter does too, and I’ll let him tell you exactly how to make this DIY cupcake stand.

This project is so adaptable and easy to create for any season. This tutorial will show you how to make a cupcake candy pedestal. Don’t throw that empty glass jar away!  RECYCLE and make this cool project . . . a little imagination, effort and time is all you need.

My favorite time of the year is Halloween! I am fascinated by the imagery and colors. . . place mini cupcakes on this pedestal . . .Trick or Treat?  I’ll take a treat!

Some of the basic supplies and tools you will need for this project:
• Mod Podge
FolkArt Paint (I used Pumpkin and Licorice)
• Round plaque 7″ x 7″ x 3/4″
• One glass jelly jar with a metal lid
• Pencil
Mod Podge Tools
• Cordless Drill
Paper Doilies
Industrial Glue
• Tape Measure or Ruler
• Awl
• Philips head screwdriver
• Scissors and/or craft knife

Step 1: Prime and Paint
• Prime (optional), let dry. Next, paint round wall plaque using FolkArt Paint (225 Pumpkin)
• Let dry for 15 minutes. Using a brush or sponge (make up) applicator, start painting one paper doily in Licorice and the other smaller one in Pumpkin.
• Let dry for 15 minutes.

Step 2: Decoupage the Jar
Use a metal ruler and cut a piece of paper the width and length of the TOP cap. Do the same for the body of the glass base.
Use various Halloween rubber stamps with Pigment Ink and stamp away, or use any Halloween Themed paper. Decoupage the top lid and finally the base of the glass jar.
• Let dry for 15 minutes and then seal with Mod Podge.

Step 3: Decoupage the Round Plaque
Take the larger Licorice colored doily and place it center over the Mod Podge covered plaque. The larger piece I choose will overlap the sides, adding a spider web look and feel. Then I mounted another smaller Pumpkin colored doily over the center and topped it off with a Jack O’ Lantern.

Step 4: Assemble CAP
• Add some industrial glue to the Top of the CAP and secure to the bottom of the decoupaged plaque. Let dry according to manufacturer’s specifications. OR:
• Using a cordless drill make a small pilot hole in the center of the CAP.
• Use an awl and press lightly through the pilot hole and into the base of plaque.
• Fasten with a 1/2 inch screw.

Step 5: Assemble Base
• Fill Jar with some Candy Corn or other Favorite Halloween treats.
• Screw base onto the jar.
• Decorate with some mini cupcakes and voila! Project complete!

There are endless possibilities with this project and it is adaptable for other holidays too. Have fun and hope you enjoyed this project.

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  1. Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers says

    This is such a cool idea! Plus I always have tons of glass jars hanging around. Thanks for sharing!

  2. janine says

    I love Man Podger’s stuff. This candy pedestal is so stinkin cool!! I also like the fact that you can use industrial glue in place of power tools. I’m a total knucklehead when it comes to power tools :)

  3. Lori m says

    Great Job Man Podger’s this is one of those even I can do it projects.

    Halloween is a favorite time of the year for me and I’m thinking this is going on my table soon.

    :) Lori m

  4. says

    OK, Walter that was genius! When I got to the “glue the top of the jar….” part I literally said “Brilliant!”
    Well Done Sir,
    (the other, now slightly intimidated, Man Podger)

  5. Gloria Westerman says

    Now how cool is that!!!!! Love this idea….so….that means I want to make one…..and with you so easy tutorial….I can…thank you for sharing….