DIY a custom Mod Podge tray

DIY Mod Podge tray
You would think that because I’m a bright color person that I can’t appreciate a darker or even more traditional look. But I can. Not that I’m saying this tray from Maggie Stephens Interiors is traditional – it’s just that with my crazy stripe and polka dot styling, you might not think it fits into my life. I’m telling you that I LOVE this tray and I need one for my kitchen. The dark wood stain with the blue pattern makes it beautiful, yet still vibrant. If you want instructions to make one too, visit Maggie Rose here.


  1. Paula says

    Love the tray!

    BTW, I posted about your website at my blog, Home in Douglas. Come by and check it out!

  2. Monika Wright says

    I {seriously} have a tray sitting around waiting to be mod podged…now I’ll just have to go to the tut to get my mojo humming! Perfect timing. Thanks.