Autumn lunch bag trees

Mod Podge paper bag trees Katie from Matsutake is one of my heroes. She is creative in a way that I dream to be one day, and nothing is too far out there to be a craft supply. Katie’s most recent creation is the pom-pom tree series above – made from lunch bags, pom-poms and Mod Podge. They are such a fun addition to a seasonal mantle, and kids can tackle this project. In fact, even my pug Roxie can crumple a lunch bag. Seriously. I’ve watched her do it.

If you want to visit Katie’s tree tutorial, go here. Also don’t forget to visit other projects of hers that I’ve featured (and love): faux vintage hangers, a Stiffy fox lamp and her tutorial on how to transfer inkjet images to wood.


  1. Plush Possum Studio says

    What a fun idea! kids can make whole little forests for decorating purposes. This could even be translated into a Halloween theme, with creepy bats, spiders, and the like.
    Love it! And what a cool way to use up any unwanted or beat up old lunch sacks!
    very awesome!