Turn trash into cute organization

Recycled Mod Podge organizersStop whatever you are doing. Right now. Head to the garbage can and start digging – I guarantee there is something in there you can Mod Podge, so you need to pull it out. That is what Ashley from Under the Sycamore did, and how she has some smart containers for storing supplies. It’s all about matching up the organization you need with the garbage you have – just Mod Podge it. Visit Ashley’s tutorial here; and if you haven’t seen these other Mod Podge projects by Ashley, she’s really good.


  1. Brittany says

    I love these types of projects. I’ve been holding onto all of my large plastic yogurt containers, jars and tin cans waiting for the best projects to use them for.

  2. Toni says

  3. Mel M. M. McCarthy says

    Ou! The recycling bin is calling me. I use oodles of baking soda, so I’ve been saving the boxes. They will meet the Mod Podge love of their life one day. ;O)