My life with Polly, my Original Scrapbox.

I wanted to update all of you on the amazing progress made with Polly McStoresalot, my Original Scrapbox! As many know, I got her as an organizing solution for Mod Podge Command Central. Let’s just say that a one bedroom apartment with three small dogs and one human in it doesn’t have a lot of room for crafting  So I took the dive and got Polly – and I love her! For those who are interested, I ordered the Minibox in white beadboard.

I wanted to show you a few pictures as I started to put craft supplies in Polly’s enormous belly.

One side of Polly has these AWESOME drawers. I mean, this is where I really went to town and fit a ton of stuff inside them. Having so many drawers helped me keep things separated by type.

Punches go in one drawer. And yes, I did throw a wood plaque in there. I have to stir the pot somehow!

All my small dies for my die cutters go in another drawer. I’m not going to make you see all my drawers, but that’s just one example. Note that the drawers come with little dividers and you can even stick labels into the fronts. But I’m not ready to make that commitment yet. I have to ease into this relationship!

Moving toward the center,I was able to put larger items in the middle of the beast. Notice I have large dies for my die cutters up on the top right. And on the lower left? A die cutter! Yep, it fits inside. The shelves are awesomely sturdy.

What’s nice about the left side of the Original Scrapbox is the shelves that exactly fit scrapbook paper, and then the little drawers. Um, do you know how much scrapbook paper I have?

You just slide it in, my friends. It’s awesome!

So how am I feeling about Polly, my Original Scrapbox? I absolutely love her. As you can see, she’s amazing. I got rid of several bags of crap, and I’m not even done filling her up.

Stayed tuned for the next chapter in Polly’s life as I show her in action! Polly says hello and she’ll talk to you soon.