Make a mail holder with Mod Podge

How to make a mail holder with scrap wood and Mod PodgeMod Podge Walter is at it again – making practical projects that we all can use! There’s nothing wrong with that, now is there? In this tutorial, he’ll show you how to make a mail holder. Do you have that person in your life who stacks the mail in piles? And you’ve asked that person politely to place the mail somewhere but they don’t? This might help. Here’s the project straight from Walter.
If you’re like me and big on organization, then this project will be perfect.

Step 1:

Step1Some of the basic supplies and tools you will need:

Mod Podge Gloss
• 3 pieces of 4″ x 5″ x 3/4″ plywood
• Pencil
Mod Podge Tools
• Drill Press
• Tape Measure and Ruler
• Awl
• Philips head screwdriver
• Scissors and craft knife
• Self stick Rubber Pads (optional)

Step 2:


• Measure and mark one of the pieces of plywood (BASE), 4″ x 5″ x 3/4″ for the 4 holes on each corner.
• Then take an AWL and press into the plywood to mark the spot . . . this step will help line the drill bit with the plywood.

Step 3:


• Using a drill press – drill into and through the plywood.  Then use a countersink bit or A larger drill bit (the size of the screw head).

Step 4:


• Drill into the holes at about 1/8″ – 2/8″ deep.  This will be the “HOME” for the screw head.

Step 5:


• At this point you are ready to decoupage! Yippee!  Use whatever floats your boat . . .

Then seal all 3 pieces of plywood.  I really like using FolkArt Satin Sealer.
Let dry for 15 minutes and then give a second coat!

Step 6:


Now that the pieces are dry, grab the “base.”
• Take an AWL and press through the pre drilled holes and twist.
• Lay out all 3 pieces and (4) 1 1/4″screws. I used drywall screws because I have so many.

Step 7:


• Lay one side on its side and “butt” it to the base.
• TIP: Stick the Awl through the “base” and into the “Sidepiece;” this way when you fasten the screw(s) it makes for easier contact.
• Repeat until you are done! Screws should be flushed to the base. (see photo)
• Place a rubber pad / bumper over each screw head and project complete.

How to make a mail holder with scrap wood and Mod PodgeThanks Walter – I totally need this organizer. Yes, I’m one of “those” mail people. Don’t forget to visit Walter’s blog here.


  1. Jetske says

    I love this, I love mail and this is perfect for me, I guess I’ll make something like this soon. :)
    And a pen holder. 😀

  2. Amy Jeanie says

    I think I’ll make one with fruit on it and call it, “Orange you glad the mail is off the table?”

  3. Marie says

    So cute! I’m cohosting a link party at on Wednesday. Would love it if you’d link up!