Customized handles (knobs)

Personalized HandlesI’ve noticed over the years that it’s the little details about a project that make me squeal. It’s like shoes on a person – have you noticed how shoes can make or break an outfit? I think knobs on furniture are similar. I spotted these customized knobs from Kristine at The Painted Hive and thought, this is the perfect way to get the knobs of your dreams (haha) that coordinate exactly with your furniture. They are quite easy to make. Visit the full tutorial here.

Speaking of the perfect shoes making an outfit, I definitely need these.

They are SO me.  I’m pinning them.


  1. says

    I had a pair of white and purple Kangaroos when I was a kid. Nothing fit in the pocket but I loved it anyway – especially since I was the only kid I knew with them.
    I had no idea they are still around.

  2. Laura says

    I had Roos when I was a kid too! I thought they made me like Captain Kangaroo and I loved them!

  3. 2trUe says

  4. says

    That knob idea is excellent! I will be using that. And her blog is terrific too. Thanks for sharing it all.

    Man Podger David
    (who appears to be really into knobs and knob accessories at the moment.)

  5. Karrieann says

    …YES! It is the little things that make the difference! I love knobs more so now.. with those cute ideas. I am thinking about making a rack with knobs for hanging up aprons and the like!

  6. Whitney says

    Those shoes ARE cute… but be forewarned, I ordered a pair and they are soooooo UNCOMFORTABLE!!! They are definitely NOT the same quality of the Roos they used to make! :(