Beautiful barstools before and after

Mod Podge fabric barstools before and afterI’ve seen the barstools above (on the left “before” side) in a lot of houses in my life. They must be the main barstools available at the barstool store . . . or maybe it’s because the white and pine goes with everything? If you have them, it’s time to change your barstools from what everyone else has. Revamp yours like Brooke from The Crafting Chicks did. It’s quick, budget friendly and uses fabric. You might even have enough goodies in your stash. Visit the full tutorial here.


  1. Crafting my way to cooler stuff-Chrissa says

    I have plain pine bar stools, but not for long! I cant believe I did not think to paint them myself, and they sit right in my living room holding large plants, I look at them all the time. I think I will use some thin wood to make little shelves on the rungs too. As long as I am getting my tools out I should go all the way.