A simple white doily tutorial

Mod Podge Doily Plate

I tend to be a bright color person, and sometimes I even annoy myself with it. Not everything has to be bright blue and orange. Or have polka dots. Well . . . maybe everything should have polka dots. But that’s another discussion.

Shey B did a very simple doily-to-plate tutorial on her blog that emphasizes how beautiful tone-on-tone can be. No brights involved! You don’t have to be a Mod Podge expert to complete these project, and it’s perfect for a gift or home decor. Visit Shey B and her tutorial here.


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    Hi Debra!

    Mod Podge is not food safe – I mean, the product is waterbase and acrylic, so it’s non-toxic, but it has not been certified by the FDA or anything. So it’s at your own risk!! An option is to put a clear glass plate over the top of your Mod Podge projects. 😀