Side table makeover

Mod Podge side table makeover
Do you ever feel like when you get something free that you have the license to try something new? I do – it’s a special feeling to know that I can wreck something and that I didn’t spend any money to do it. I spotted this side table on TaraDara and read that she got it for free – the great part is that she didn’t ruin it. It looks amazing! Tara Mod Podged for the first time and it turned out very nicely. This is NOT what happened when I Mod Podged for the first time. So any tips I can offer to you beginners, I’m glad to do so (leave me a comment). In the meantime, visit Tara’s side table here.


  1. Twila says

    I tried mod podge on an old side table. I put wrapping paper on the top. It looks okay, but what I can’t seem to accomplish is getting the paper to lay flat… once it touches the mod podge it starts shrinking and wrinkling and no matter what I do, it won’t go on smooth! Any advice? Tips? Help!!! Thanks!

  2. Pear2Apple says

    @Twila, the thinner the paper, the harder it is to Mod Podge with. At least in my experience. I’ve also found that if you use a thin layer of Mod Podge, thinner papers stick easier, and then use roller (if you bought one) or a pencil or marker or Popsicle stick to flatten the paper and take out the bubbles. Do not use a Popsicle stick with tissue paper, it will rip.

    Cute table! I like the paper!

  3. says

    Hi Amy!
    Thanks so much for featuring my side table! And, yes, the best part is that it was FREE! So, no problem in messing it up, nothing to lose, right! I think that’s my best advice to those THINKING about trying something new, but scared to do it. Go to Goodwill or find a piece of furniture for free on Craigslist and Mod Podge it and/or paint it … the best part is, you’re not out anything and you get your ‘first’ project jitters out of the way and move on to your next one :)
    Happy Mod Podging everyone!
    xo Tara

  4. Pink Daisys Blog Spot says

    Hi Amy, Thanks for stopping by my blog.. What an honor!!! I go to blog daily.. Love it.

  5. karen says

    quick question, i’ve never used mod podge before and im thinking about using it to brighten up some wardrobe doors. so…do i need to take them off the actual wardrobe and lie them flat to be able to cover them or can i do so while theyre in place? also will mod podge stick wooden slats/ moulding to kitchen cupboard doors? and do i need to use different types of modpodge to do different things??
    many thanks from Southern Ireland :)