My five favorite things right now

Back with another edition!  I want to share what is important to me and what I love on a daily basis.  My five favorite things can be anything really, and so can yours – let me know what you are loving right now in the comments.

1.  Hello Kitty Vans.  I bought these and I love them.  I LOVE Hello Kitty and I always will.  Just ask my mom.  Yes, I will be 70 years old wearing Hello Kitty earrings and shoes. Some might be embarrassed to be wearing cartoon shoes as an adult.  Not I.

2.  Society6 Wallpaper App.  I can change my iPhone wallpapers to really cool ones – here’s what the site says about the app: “Society6 artists hailing from Brooklyn to Barcelona bring you an endless supply of Grade-A quality Artist Wallpapers and Backgrounds to meet your recommended daily dosage of retina candy – all for FREE.”

3.  Starting blogs.  I looked back at the first post on this blog today and smiled.  It’s been a great ride.  I am planning on starting another blog very soon (crafts), so keep your eyes out.

4.  The Tour de France.  I love cycling, and this three week race is thrilling to watch.  For those who know what I’m talking about, I love Thor and Cadel this year.  For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, you should watch.  The guys have great legs and toned butts.  Enough said.

5.  Air conditioning.  If it weren’t for A/C I’d be a little burnt piece of toast laying on the floor of Mod Podge Command Central.  I heard it reached 100 degrees here in Georgia this week.  The reason I don’t know for sure is because I stayed inside in a dark corner.  I don’t like it over 70 degrees, so you can’t imagine.

SO . . . your turn.  Tell me what you love!


  1. says

    1. Air conditioning.
    2. Strawberries.
    3. Clean water. (For drinking and for showering. I feel like this should be two separate items.)
    4. Having a job.
    5. My pajama pants. I wish I could wear them to work.

  2. Junker Newbie Stephanie says

    1. Cool weather and a/c! (it’s so hot in SC today it’s still 80 degrees inside with the air ON!)

    2. Blogging/Twitter/social media. The folks I’ve “met” have forever changed me!

    3. Chocolate.

    4. Working from home. (this goes along with #1, don’t have to go outside!)

    5. Travel. I LOVE traveling and have done much less of it since our son came around. I’m happy to be planning family trips to NYC in August and Europe next Spring!


    Its Cool to know about your favorite stuff well you cant imagine my weird thinkingzzzz :)
    I love to watch cartoon movies insted of others which young girl NEEDS :)
    I watch TV commercials with lots of interest
    I always Laugh whenever i visit my blog’s first post, Actually i post many at once :)
    And my dear i am lucky that In Pakistan we enjoy up to 5 weathers in a year so the hotttt weather is not a big problem, although its too much hot here !!!
    Stay Cooool :)

  4. Lara Petch says

    5 Loves (right now :P)
    1.race car massages :)feel free to ask if you are curious lol
    2.vintage graphics
    3.simon and garfunkel
    4.fruit punch
    5.things that little kids say

  5. Michelle L. says

    Ooh, a new blog from you? Yay!

    My right now favorite things

    1. my new (rescued) dog I got for my birthday.
    2. a sudden passion for yard sale-ing all over Los Angeles
    3. learning conversational Spanish by chatting with my new upstairs neighbor
    4. anticipating Project Runway
    5. chicken meatloaf samitches

  6. Kristina says

    -Air conditioning
    -Arnold palmers
    -peanut butter banana smoothies
    -pretty paper
    -Colbie Caillet


    Got to say right now my
    #1 is Air conditioning, it’s hot, hot, muggy, here and looks to be that way for several days..uugghh
    2. Family which is really #1
    3. Stamps/digi’s
    4. big ole’ steak
    5. Custard’s Frozen Yogurt better than ice cream by far :O)
    Love your blog. Those tennis shoes are soooo cute :O) Hugs! Leah Ann

  8. Michele Pacey says

    Five things I love, like right now? Oh man that’s hard cause I love so many things…

    1. my little one’s new haircut (makes me want to kiss his little cheeks)
    2. our clean garage which was cleaned last weekend (by my husband… yeah he’s a keeper)
    3. lemonade (it’s blistering hot inside and out with no A/C for me… )
    4.sandwiches (and any food that you don’t have to cook) cause it’s too bloody hot to cook
    5. walking around in my bare feet (just because)

    It’s nice to think about things you like…. It’s a great exercise. Very uplifting indeed. Thanks Amy!

  9. Theophanie says

    Ah, this made me laugh. I passed my Hello Kitty alarm clock to my daughter – with gritted teeth.

  10. Vic says

    1 – My guys (DH & grandson)
    2 – Rum & Diet lime Coke
    3 – Warmer weather (only 78 minutes over 80 degrees here since summer began – not on the same day!)
    4 – Creamy chicken taquitos w/ cilantro dip
    5 – Fresh veggies & herbs from the garden

  11. Jennifer says

    Ooh, AC is at the top of my list too! I am not a fan of summer’s heat.

    Can’t wait to see this new blog!

  12. Bonnie says

    Other than of course my family, our home, etc… the 2 things that came right to my mind were … color, I love color, all colors, thrive on color … that’s why I have more tatting thread then I could use in a life time; and chocolate, dark or milk, Love it!

  13. Pear2Apple says

    My new faves are:
    1. My sister’s pool, I don’t swim but with these 90 degree days, it makes it all so much nicer.
    2. Reading, it changes my entire perspective.
    3. Jimmy Johns subs, turns a bad day into a nice one.
    4. Penguins, I will never get sick of finding penguins and buying new ones, I collect them, and have now for some 13 years.
    5. All my new artsy craftsy stuff, and trying to find my own niche!

  14. ASHLEE says

    5 things I’m loving now…
    -The summer means warmer rain. Currently 61 degrees and rain here in the PNW
    -Summer reading (My bff turned me onto Elin Hilderbrand)
    -Baking and cooking all kinds of new recipes and enjoying them with friends
    -There is sunshine and warm weather (those things are not synonymous for us) in the forecast this weekend…there was last weekend too; we got two inches of rain on Sunday)…Here’s hoping!!
    -Blogging. Just started up again in the last couple of weeks

  15. Stephanie says

    Cute shoes! I used to have Hello Kitty Converse sneakers, and was so sad when they finally broke. They were a very expensive souvenir from Sanrio Puroland (the Hello Kitty theme park near Tokyo, Japan. It’s adorable.)