Mod Podge measuring tape.

Mod Podge measuring tape
Katy from No Big Dill decorated this tape measure as part of her never enough orange (NEO) series. I totally feel that way about orange so I’m glad some crafty bloggers are recognizing this great color (thanks Jess from How About Orange). You know my favorite color is blue, so naturally I have to like orange – it’s complimentary, which means it’s basically blue’s best friend. But I digress.

Katy’s tutorial for embellishing her measuring tape is super easy to follow, so I recommend a visit asap. The best part is that her true love is sewing, and you won’t believe the gorgeous things she makes – so take a tour of her whole blog. I highly recommend her Once Upon a Thread series to be blown away.


  1. Reflections from Granny says

    Now this would keep my husband away from my tools lol. Cute idea!
    :) Lori m

  2. Kristen says

    Oh, hubby’s favorite color and a way to get my fix…lol.

    Thanks for sharing it. Love your finds and another great blog to follow. Yay!

  3. Liverpool Lou (Anne) says

    Thanks for the link; I love her ‘happy pins’ too, what a great idea :-)
    Anne xx