DIY popsicle stick bracelets

DIY popsicle stick braceletsDid you know that you can make bracelets out of Popsicle sticks? I never thought of bending them, but you all are smarter than I am when it comes to DIY projects, so it doesn’t surprise me that Julia from bles-id figured it out. You have to have some stick overage to account for breakage (don’t you love my business terms?), but Popsicle sticks are inexpensive and come in packs, so you’ll be great. These would make great gifts or children’s summer projects. Visit Julia’s Popsicle stick bracelets here.


  1. jengd says

    LURVE these!! Now I gotta go find me some of ‘dose wide popshicle shtix! 😉

  2. blesid says

    Thanks so much Ms. Amy!!! You, my amazing bloggy friend, made me very happy to see little ‘ole me here on your site. Made my day! Happy Friday, Jules

  3. Theophanie says

    OK, so I know I commented on your blog, like, yesterday; but, seriously, you are quickly making this my new favorite blog. I planned on doing a project a day with my girls this summer (b.t.w. I am blogging it @ and, although I thought I had enough projects to fill my summer, I am totally swapping some things out for the matryoshka rocks and popsicle stick bracelets. Thank you!

  4. Mrs. Olio says

    Thanks for sharing this site! 2 of my nieces are coming to visit and they already asked us to make these. One of them already made a duct tape hair bow that she had mentioned on there! Love it! Thanks again!