DIY cupcake flags

DIY cupcake flagsI’m absolutely starving right now – I’m trying to lose about ten pounds, so everything looks good to me. Have you noticed how hard it is to lose weight as you get older?! When I first spotted these DIY cupcake flags at Momtastic I could only focus on the cupcakes, but then I noticed the flags. Anything cut with pinking shears definitely gets my attention! These flags are actually great scrapbusters, which is perfect for me because I have tons of fabric pieces in a little stack. Check out the super easy tutorial here. I’m planning on flagging all my food shortly.


  1. fee @ chipper nelly says

    I should be flagging my food too – with a warning sign! Just come back from hols where I (literally) ate my body weight in bread.
    Fee x

  2. Theophanie says

    I was going to email this, but I was too stupid to find the button, lol. So, I will comment it. I feel WAY better when I follow a paleo/primal type diet, and for some reason, every time I get back on it, I drop about 10 lbs, accidentally. This happens in the span of about a week. You might want to check it out, at least temporarily :) .