A cool geek craft.

Geek crafts are hugely popular – there is a website about them and even a book. Being a total Star Wars nerd, I love any Jedi craft you put in front of me. I promise you that geek crafts are only going to get bigger (or “worse,” if you don’t appreciate them!).

I wasn’t suprised when my friend Cathe Holden of Just Something I Made came up with this geek necklace for CRAFT. She is pretty much good at every craft, so of course she is good at geek crafts too. That isn’t a real eyeball, but doesn’t it look like one? Though you may not be a nerdy crafter, you might know one – and if you do, pass Cathe’s easy glass eyeball necklace along. I promise they’ll enjoy.


  1. JeLiss Boutique says

    I LOVE this! how Unique! And I bet they used dimensional magic on the eyeball..lol, But I think the glass cork bottle is my favorite part of it! Great idea~ Melissa Scott

  2. Cathe Holden says

    Thanks so much for the feature Amy! You’re so good to me.

    JeLiss Boutique, it’s actually just a flat sided clear marble or “glass bubble” Mod Podge’d to an eyeball image. You can download free eyeballs on my blog by following the link. The little cork vial is from the drawer of a watchmaker’s cabinet. It held the tiniest of watch parts.

  3. bluey says

    Mellisa I had never heard of Mod Podge before this and your project makes me want some. Awesome project.
    You rock as well as Mod Podge.

  4. Angie says

    Geek crafters, repreSENT! Love the linky love in this post, and of course the project itself. Nice!