Vintage Craft Workshop book review and giveaway.

I can’t even express how pleased I am to be on the Chronicle Books tour for Vintage Craft Workshop.  The book is by Cathy Callahan (also known as Cathy of California), and she is one of my heroes.  I’ve even gotten to meet her in real life!  Cathy is absolutely amazing and I wish I could be just like her.  To this day, I haven’t met a craft of hers I didn’t want to make.  This book is filled with 24 projects inspired by the 60s and 70s, but with a current twist.  Cathy grew up in Southern California with a very crafty mom.  I had a very similar experience growing up.  I have fond memories of crafting as a child, and one of my favorites is making fruit leathers in a dehydrator.  What can I say, my parents were complete hippies.  Without further adieu, here are my five favorite things about this book.

1. The profiles of women crafty entrepreneurs throughout the text. We’re women, and we’re pretty awesome (don’t you think?). We rock the crafting world, and I love reading stories about women just like me who made a creative hobby into a business. All I can say is that I want to be like these women someday. Their stories are inspiring.

2. The use of Mod Podge (and other glues). How could I leave this out? You can do so many vintage crafts with Mod Podge, including several in this book. And to reference my point above, a woman named Jan Wetstone invented Mod Podge about 43 years ago in her home. She covered a car with bedsheets!

3. The bright colors. The crafts of “yesteryear” have a delightful color palette, and Cathy has updated them for the contemporary crafter. Each project has an accompanying picture that shows the inspiration, and it’s fascinating to see how Cathy and her contributors have interpreted them. Amazing, really.

4. YOU can do these projects. I’m not quite sure what it is about 60s and 70s crafts, but they are all accessible. Cathy and her team completely figured it out – they know what people want to do and they show how to get there easily. I don’t feel overwhelmed by any of the projects, and I even want to give paper mache a go. I’ve never wanted to try it before, but now I want to be the perfect vintage crafter.

5. I can apply the designs to other things. I could sew the fish from the “Gone Fishing Tote” onto a tote as shown, but I could also sew them onto a shirt. Or a girl’s dress. My mind is spinning with ideas; I only have one problem – what will I do first?  I’m seriously considering using the florals from the wastebasket above on clothing (shirt?).  Done correctly, wouldn’t it be so awesome?

I’m going to tell you with the utmost confidence that you need this book.  It’s become, in a short time, one of the most important in my craft library.  I’m happy to be giving a copy away to a reader.  Yay!

1. Comment on THIS blog entry and tell me why you would like this book.
2. Only one entry per person.
3. Contest will close this Tuesday, May 24th at midnight (EST).
4. PLEASE leave your e-mail address if it’s not attached in Blogger – I need some way to reach you.

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  1. Grammyjer says

    Love some of the projects highlighted and its my Birthday today and I would love to have a copy of Cathy’s book!!!

  2. Billie Henson says

  3. Kerry says

  4. Velvet Tangerine says

    I have a collection of actual vintage craft books and it would be awesome to add this book to it!

  5. Jessica says

    Despite my rather large library, I actually own zero craft books and would love to win this one.

  6. richris3 says

    I always enjoy reading new craft books for inspiration! It would be awesome to be a winner.

  7. DW Quilt Art says

    ‘Cause I’m totally crafty :-) Book looks so colorful. But truthfully, if I won it, I would give it to my daughter, who is crafty too :-)
    ([email protected])

  8. fee @ chipper nelly says

    Count me in! I need this book because you can never have enough craft inspiration.
    Thanks for sharing
    fee x
    ps yep, pretty awesome…

  9. MustangAgogo says

    This craft book flashes me back to my childhood and my first experience with Mod Podge!

  10. Funky Finds says

    That beautiful funky mushroom on the cover is reason enough to want this book! It looks fabulous!!! I love vintage crafts – the bright colors, the whimsical designs…sounds perfect to me :)

    Jessica D.

  11. Anonymous says

  12. Monica says

    This book would be so great at giving me inspiration to a group of young people that I am involved with through a community ministry. I have done crafts with them at an after school club through my church and am needing some new creative ideas! Thanks for the chance to win! Love Mod Podge and the fun stuff we have done already!

  13. Michele Pacey says

    Man I would love this book because one CANNOT have too many craft books. I’m constantly on the lookout for inspiration. Also I was born in the sixties, the era that inspired the book, so ya, I think I’m the perfect candidate!

    Thanks for this Amy!

  14. Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder says

    I am so in love with the vintage look. What a fun book this would be.

  15. Cindy deRosier says

    Making fruit leather in a dehydrator is crafting? Wow- I crafted even more than I thought in the 70s! I’d LOVE this book. I’ve been revisiting a bunch of the crafts of my childhood on my blog and would love the inspiration.

  16. Zombie Leah says

    I love vintage crafts, and I love doing “random” crafts. I also collect vintage craft books, so this would be perfect.

  17. Kassandra @ Coffee and their Kisses says

    Who doesn’t love vintage & crafts, better when they’re together! I need some fresh ideas for my living room. Thanks for the giveaway hun!

  18. Lea-Ann says

    I love doing vintage crafts! In fact, they’re pretty much all I do anymore! I would *heart* this book!!!

  19. ELLIE says

    growing up in the 60s and 70s – I would love to do crafts to bring that look about – I so need (and miss) that inspiration…so much fun!!

  20. craftyols says

    What a great book this looks to be, Amy! And a great addition to any crafting library….mine included! =)

  21. lisastuf says

    I would love to have this book because It would remind me of when I was a young girl in the 60′s & &0′s and how much I loved crafts back then and still do! I could re-create some of those awesome projects!
    I remember one time at Vacation Bible School I made a wooden decoupage plague with Mod Podge and I kept that thing for years. I loved it and had so much fun making it!
    Lisa H.
    lisastuf at gmail dot com

  22. BrittanyGale says

    I want to win this book because I haveeee to make that awesome snail pillow!


  23. kellie says

  24. Jodi Russey says

    I have barely scratched the surface with what I can do with ModPodge and I love vintage crafts!! I need this book :) russeyj(at)gmail(dot)com

  25. susie says

    ooh – who wouldn’t like this book? i know i would – i’m always looking for more creative inspirations!

  26. Anonymous says

    I’m Diane, and I would love to have this book, especially since you’ve said it is now the most important one in your collection.

  27. rickimoo says

    You never can have too many book or anything that pertains to crafting! LOVE LOVE LOVE to win it.

  28. Mrs G says

    I’d enjoy this because as a teacher I have a summer ahead of me and will need some breaks from planning/prepping for next year!

  29. catnap says

    I’m old enough to have lived through the 60s and 70s; for me, this is nostalgia! Even the use of Mod Podge….

  30. Remembrances says

    I AM a vintage crafter – in every sense of the word! LOL I would love to see what has been done to update all of those crafts I did back in the 60s and 70s.

  31. Debbie - StudioBeeCreations says

    WOW…what could be more perfect???….I am guessing most of your ModPodge followers who are a child of the 60″s feel like I do that this book is all about ME!..Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  32. Anonymous says

  33. pinksnowme says

    This post brigns back memories! I grew up in ’70s Southern California. My parents were hippies and granola bars too. I didnt even try box mac and cheese until I was 13!
    I love the flower trash can It reminds me of a mobile I had that was 5 mirrors strung together with heavy pink yarn looped in a daisy pattern. My parents made colages out of tissue paper and sold them as high end art pieces.
    I am a decoupage girl now. Being on a tight budget means getting something for cheap and then spending weeks figuring out what to cover it with. I think this book you are offering would help wet my creativity.
    Thank you for offering and sharing with us your awesome ideas!

  34. Julie H. says

    My sweet mom was the frugal, creative, recycling crafter I learned from & she’s in heaven now, probably crafting! :-) I grew up in the fond early 70′s yesteryear. I would so love to revisit the sweet, bygone nostalgia of these crafts. Blessings & many thanks, Julie H. :-)

  35. shobelle says

    Wow! This book looks amazing, Amy!

    I would love to win it to craft some nostalgia for myself. And introduce my niece to some of the things I got to do as a child.

    Thanks for the opportunity, Amy!

    shonijunk (at) yahoo (dot) com

  36. Holly says

    This book look so inspiring. I am in a crafty mood and need some new inspiration.

  37. says

    I have been doing so many Mod Podge crafts lately, and I would just love to have this book! Thanks for the chance to win it.

  38. Christine Gant says

    This comes at a perfect time for me! I’m about to embark on a Great Mod Podge Adventure, redoing my dining room table AND bedroom walls using Mod Podge. I would LOVE to have this book to get some ideas from! Plus, I have picked up some old boxes, a tray, a package of enamel cabinet knobs, and other items at Goodwill that I want to upcycle using Mod Podge! So I’m going to wait until this contest ends before going a step further. Thanks so much for the chance!

    Christine Gant
    [email protected]

  39. Anonymous says

  40. fdgtgrl says

    I’m always looking for crafts idea and this book will be a great resource to have …
    Thanks for the giveaway ;-)

  41. jonwen45 says

    I love working with Mod Podge. This book would be such a treasure for me to have. I enjoy this blog and will be back.

  42. Doreen says

    My Mother taught me to sew when I was 5 years old. I had one of those metal mini Singer machines that really worked. My doll had a great wardrobe :) On weekly trips to the local library (way before places called Barnes & Noble entered our lives), I scoured the shelves for arts & crafts books. Each week I leafed through the books and chose a few projects to create. Years later, I am still crafting! This book would be an incredible addition to my collection. Thanks for the opportunity!
    [email protected]

  43. patti says


  44. Sangeetha says

    Looks like an awesome book with some great ideas to revive. would love to use some of the ideas

  45. claire martin says

    I am a high school teacher who teaches pregnant and parenting teenagers. Ever since I started using mod podge in my classroom, the students have been creating work they never thought was possible. You should see the smiles… And, the great things they are making for their babies. I know I am late to “the party” (past the date), but I would love to get a hold of one of these books. Can you tell me how, please. Thanks, Claire