The Mod Podge papered wall

Mod Podged wall
It’s hard to tell what this is, but can you guess? Okay, I can’t wait, I have to tell you! It’s a Mod Podge papered wall – courtesy of Wendy at Art Can Change Your Life. I promise you that if Mod Podge Command Central wasn’t an apartment, it would have a Mod Podge papered wall. I have so many scraps of paper that I think it would be amazing. If you are thinking “I really can’t Mod Podge a wall,” just check out Wendy’s. You might change your mind. It’s just a small section and it looks THAT cool. Check out the papered wall here.


  1. says

    Back in the time of Donny Osmond and David Cassidy being “all that” my sister had an entire wall papered in photos from the pages of the teen magazines. It was very cool looking.

    And if I think back to that time, I had an entire wall covered in cork squares!

    And remembering once again, our basement family room walls had something like tin foil covering them.

    To me this was all normal. It didn’t even occur to me until I saw today’s post that maybe it wasn’t the norm – even back as we were entering the 70’s. I can only say I’m glad I grew up with a mom who is an artist – how colorful she made our lives!

  2. Michelle says

    but you can have a wall like that in an apartment….get yourself a big piece of canvas and Mod Podge to your heart’s content….it has a soft enough hand that you could roll it up and take it to your new digs if you move!!!

  3. says

    That’s gorgeous! I’d love to modge podge a wall in my room, though I’m not sure how happy my parents would be! I have a quasi-modge podge wall in my closet covered with pictures of clothes and hairstyles that I like for inspiration, but it’s definitely not THAT cute!!

  4. Michelle says

    I am in the process of doing a candle holder on glass with Mod Podge and marbled fabric….AFTER the 3 gifts and 2 bracelets I need to finish…..oh and the cabochons…hmmm and and and….am I the only one that has an entire drawer of U.F.Os {UnFinished Objects} LOL

  5. Becca says

    I’m adding this to my “when we finally buy a house” book of ideas. The life of a renter is so hard sometimes (except when something needs repair).

  6. :::b r a n d i::: says

    ooh, oooh, I so love this!!!! Totally going to make faves for later inspiration!

  7. kristen says

    That is super-duper cool. 5 stars, two-thumbs up! so in love with it – i am gonna find a way to do a renter’s version!! bravo and thanks for sharing


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