Mod Podge luggage tags by Candie

Mod Podge luggage tag
I know many of you suffer from “black bag” syndrome, and if you do, then this luggage tag project from Candie Cooper is for you. Candie is a total world traveler, and the girl knows all about a good luggage tag. I’m so happy that hers includes Mod Podge. Candie is correct that these are a great project for people of all ages, so don’t be afraid to include the kids. Visit Candie’s luggage tags to make one (or five) for yourself.


  1. Lori m says

    Love it, they are so handy and this one for sure will catch your attention quick. :)

  2. Josh and Melinda says

    UGH! Some fancy pants airports (like Vancouver) won’t have you pick up your luggage to take through Customs on a connection. They show you a photo of it on the belts. Black bag syndrome…hah. “Is this your bag ma’am?” “Maayyybe” “Well?” “If you’ll just flip it over sir, there’s a whole bunch of ribbons flailing from the zippers!” *dumb look* “Is this your bag ma’am?”
    I’m tempted to just cut a sponge into a funky shape and daub on bleach spots on the back. Unless there’s a better podge solution!

  3. malia says

    With these fab ideas, there’s no reason any of us need to suffer from “Black Bag” syndrome again! xo

  4. says

    So cute! I’d love to make these – next on my list to do! These are too cute, and so helpful when traveling!