Handmade kids’ hair bobbles

Mod Podge hair bobbles
What are these? Hair bobbles! I love the word “bobbles.” I never even thought decorating them myself. Stephanie from The Silly Pearl did, and she even used her fabric scraps to do it. The tutorial is super easy to follow, and these would make great gift ideas or even party favors for little girls. Plus they are interchangeable, which is super cool. Almost makes me want long hair. Almost! Visit Stephanie’s hair bobbles tutorial with decoupage beads.


  1. fee @ chipper nelly says

    kids you say?
    they look right up my street…
    fee x
    (did you see my Beano guitar? thought you’d like it!)

  2. Polly says

    What a great idea!! I will have to make these, no doubt about it!! I love those cute little things. There are so many ways to use Mod Podge it boggles the mind!! I love it and don’t know if I could live without it … don’t want to find out either!!