Clothespin fridge magnets

Mod Podge clothespins with fabricAre you looking for a quick weekend project? Perhaps a gift – or something personalized? Check out these cute and bright magnets from Melissa at 100 Billion Stars. I’m particularly drawn to the color palette, but there’s another reason I love these. I have a new office desk where I can push pins into the wall, but I do have a magnetic surface from which to hang things. These serve both purposes of having something fun at my desk and then also holding important papers. So given my organizational style, I need about 32 of these. I will eventually have a hard time figuring out which papers are on which clip, but that isn’t your problem. Enjoy Melissa’s clothespin magnets here.


  1. Bits N Pieces says

    Omg, yes! Thanks for finding and sharing that.

    I so want to make those (along with other great things you’ve shown lately) and use them on my magnetic bulletin board.

    Thanks so much for finding this. 😀

    Happy Friday!

  2. Txlonestargal says

    I regret not getting the jumbo clothespins that were blue and green at the Dollar Spot at Target awhile back. I had to get the baby some things so I put them back. I wish now that I had bought them. The ones at Walmart were five or six dollars. The ones at Target were a dollar. Hmmm!