I’m scared to fly

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 11.20.04 PMI typically do a giveaway on Sundays, but I’m not prepared so you’ll have to forgive me until next week. My mind has been a little preoccupied. I have to get up at 4am tomorrow morning to head to the airport and do one of my least favorite things in the whole world. FLY.

I remember when I developed the fear – the exact trip. I was flying to Europe with a friend of mine in 1999 and he was scared to fly. He freaked me out the whole trip by talking about how scared he was and then asking questions like “Why is the stewardess going towards the door? It seems like something is wrong.” For HOURS he did this. Once we got back to the U.S., we had *really* rough flights back across the country (I lived in Seattle at the time).

So I’ve been scared for almost 12 years now, and for a long time I could control it. On the last flight I took, I white-knuckled it and almost had a panic attack. I was fidgeting the entire time and was a nuisance to my neighbors. Sorry if you were sitting near me. The good news is that I have medicine for this flight and it’s only two hours, so I should be okay. I’m heading to NYC for a work trip. I just have to focus on perhaps having time to buy cute shoes.

The thing that annoys me the most about the whole fear is that I know it’s irrational. And I’m not a scared person – I’m typically very brave and will jump into things – but this is my Achilles Heel. So readers, send up a prayer for me. I need it. Thanks for your support!


  1. says

    OMG! I feel the same way! I used to fly ALL the time, but haven’t since 1999. We even cancelled a flight in 2001 & now drive everywhere. I just can’t get myself to do it. I want to go to NY & both my daughters have told me to quit whining, get some meds and get on a plane. Can I ask what medication you are using? Good luck, you’ll do terrific. Have a fun time!

  2. Chris's Creative Cottage says

    Amy Lou, I got your back and am sending prayers for you to enjoy a fun, relaxing and safe trip! Christopher

  3. Koyu like Shoyu says

    I know how you feel! I fly once a week (it’s only twenty minutes) but I can never get used to it!

    Have a nice flight tomorrow!

  4. House On Beach Street says

    I hope you have a wonderful trip and enjoy the flight. I was the same way, hadn’t flown in 15 years because I had gotten myself all afraid. It took wanting to spend time with my newly pregnant daughter that made me bite the bullet and get on a plane. It was wonderful, I had an enjoyable time on the flight. 3 cheers for Xanax.
    ( =

  5. Ziggyeor says

    Good luck! I think you should watch the Bob Newhart show. I think the first episode was dealing with fear of flying 😉 It might cheer you up too 😀

  6. MN2NM says

    Wow! It’s so amazing to hear that this has happened to other people. I have flown many places in the world, but in the last couple years, I have had problems (including a full-fledged panic attack during a flight and one pre-flight, resulting in us driving across country!). I’m sending you positive, calming energy. (But the medicine is going to help a lot, as well – I broke down and got some too.) Safe and enjoyable travels!

    Thanks for the fear-of-flying support group break. Back to adventures in Mod Podge!

  7. Melissa P says

    I hear you! Flying is not anywhere near my list of things I like to do. You’ll be in my thoughts.

  8. New momma says

    I totally hate flying too! I get sick to my stomach and can’t stand the landings. So you are not alone! Will pray for you as you travel (and buy cute shoes!).

  9. Gordon says

    I totally understand your fear. After a series of unfortunate flights and the increasing unpleasantness of flying, I cannot get on a plane. I take a train and enjoy the trip. Mostly I drive nowadays though. My thoughts are with you and I hope you have a great time.

  10. jengd says

    Hang in there! Hopefully one day soon you’ll shake this as quickly as it came on. I hate to say it but it was actually a bad flight I had that made me a bit less uncomfortable flying. I figured it was a bad trip and all ended well and I’m not likely to have another one that miserable. Have a safe trip and enjoy NYC! Hope you have time to get some cute shoes! :)

  11. A Fanciful Life says

    Another here just like that. It started on my first flight when a woman sat down next to me, took out her rosary beads and started praying! I don’t drink but I started with that trip. A very nice one armed (limb?) man kept getting me drinks and by the time I got through customs, I was definitely tipsy!
    Sharon :-)

  12. says

    For me it was one bad flight to Las Vegas with really bad turbulence. I’ll be thinking of you. Please hang in there and it will be fine. One thing I’ve found that helps is really trying to occupy my mind during takeoff. I carry a sudoku book with me whenever I fly now and it’s really taken some of the edge off.

  13. Michelle L. says

    I **know*** you’ll have a safe and no-hassle flight! Bring some crafts on board and play, do something you really really love. Also chocolate! All will be well!

  14. Jennifer says

    Aww Amy, I wish I could fly with you. I would keep your mind off anything stressful. We could crack jokes and people watch and make up stories about them. Or you could just tell me everything I need to do to be a blog rockstar like you. 😉 You WILL have a safe and good flight.

  15. Lori m says

    Prayers headed your way for safe travel, I’m not a good person on planes but medication will help, I like to sketch ideas when I fly now and take my mini net book along for more fun. Enjoy your trip NY can be an exciting place to see.

  16. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    I will pray for you, Amy! I have this fear as well, and not that anything happened to me personally just things that occurred from the news. I also have medication that I can take just for flying. Just think of the good time you will have on your trip and take your medication! “They” say its because we don’t have control – like driving your car.

    I almost didn’t book a surprise 20th anniversary trip five years ago because it was a weekend cruise that I got with points, but I had to fly to Florida. My hubby happened to already be there on business and I would have to fly down by myself to surprise him and pull the weekend off. I had his boss helping me. After smacking myself around, I finally booked it and I did do it by myself. My hubby couldn’t believe it ~ he was more impressed that I got on a plane for him than the trip itself!

  17. says

    Thanks ladies! You don’t know how much I appreciate the support! I’m on the plane now (thanks GoGo wireless) and on some Xanax. I’s helping, though turbulence makes me want to cry. I’ll be there soon. Love you all! xo

  18. Meg says

    You’ll have a great flight! Fears can come up at any time and also subside at any time, so don’t beat yourself up about it. Maybe if you try to focus on the positives it will help. Like ok I made it into the plain. I’m halfway there, and doing great ect. Breaking down the flight into small steps might help to make it less intimidating. You can also use visualization- picturing yourself comfortable and happy sitting on the plane. Having no troubles or worries. It likely won’t make the fear go away but it might help to make it easier. : )

  19. Gloria Westerman says

    You are so funny…..but I do pray for your safe and wonderful trip….just remember to “JUST BREATHE” and you’ll be fine….take a headset too…..listen to your favorite music and just relax……and let the pilot do his/her job……oh and I wear a size 8 1/2…..just in case you want to pick a little something up…..have fun!!!!!

  20. Cindy deRosier says

    Best wishes with the flight! That is so strange that your friend’s fear was contagious. :(

  21. Mall Rat says

    I’m the same way, I remember the flight that started mine too. If you have drugs, you’ll be fine :) Just keep thinking about all the fun stuff you can do in NYC !! I’ll be thinking about you..

  22. Katie says

    You’ve probably already landed, I hope you hade a delicious xanax-induced nap! Sending you much love for your start of something new xo

  23. Mary says

    You’re not alone! I’m terrified to fly too … started when I was pregnant with #1 (who is almost 24). I remember eating McDonalds on the way to the airport thinking “this is disgusting, my last meal on earth and it’s McD’s” … I know it’s irrational but I hate being cooped up inside a tin can, thousands of miles above the earth with no escape. Hope you had a safe flight … enjoy your trip!

  24. janine says

    Amy—I know exactly how you feel. I get physically sick whenever I have to fly. I always manage to somehow work myself up into what feels like a flu bug—body aches, sick to my stomach, sometimes even running a fever. And, complete panic attacks that I try best to keep to myself. If they knew how I really felt, they would kick me off the plane. A major part of my fear stems from the fact that I give up complete control to a total stranger whenever I get on a plane. My life, and….well, everything. I never give up that kind of control to anyone when both feet are planted firmly on the ground down here. Ever. And, if anything should happen up in the sky, I know that I can’t do a damn thing about it. There is no Plan B.
    God bless and have a safe trip—I will be praying for you.

  25. Heather says

    I am afraid to fly as well…down right terrified these days. And I remember the day I developed the fear when I was a kid and I have not been able to shake it since. In fact, the older I get, the worse it gets. I have not been on a plane now since 2004. I am literally in a panic for a week beforehand! I am sure there will come a day when I have to get on another plane…just praying it isn’t any time soon!

  26. Melany Tenore says

    Oh – goodness. I hope you had a good trip and that the xanax helped! I actually had to start resorting to medication too. I also have “the story” of what made me afraid to fly… it’s too horrible to put here. I also had a subsequent panic attack on a flight that I can *almost* laugh about now. But – it was insane at the time and culminated with me leaving a flight (after boarding) and driving 15+ hours home. SO… that was fun. BUT – the good news is…I’m over it now. I fly. It’s not my fave…but no more coocooness…so I hope you can get there too. 😉

  27. Josh and Melinda says

    Oh my gosh! It’s CRAZY how many people are afraid of flying! I’m afraid to get to the airport late, or have some pompus security delay me and miss the flight, even scared of having to deal with a screaming child on the same airplane, but not flying!
    Seriously…I spend EVERY weekend going up and down roughly 6 minutes a flight in a FIBREGLASS, FABRIC and aluminum glider. NO ENGINE! I’m a pilot and an aircraft mechanic, there’s NOTHING like the pull of those engines pulling a huge jet up off the ground, and nothing like the free feeling of being in the air.
    Except when it’s too hot, and bumpy, and you’re testing the pressurization system (basically what makes your ears pop), then I totally almost ralphed on the floor.
    So I’m still sending shining happy thoughts your way for the flight home, but hoping it goes much better for you. Enjoy it!!

  28. Chris Wooten says

    I flew one of those commuter planes from Loveland Colorado to Denver..that flight is the reason I am afraid to fly…the plane hit some type of turb..and everyone on the plane was praying…when we tried to land in Denver the wind was so bad that something flew into the side of the plane.

    I hate to fly to this date. My hubby was in plane heading to Texas when a tornado formed…they almost lost it…