Cleaning wipe covers

Mod Podge cleaning wipe containers Do you use cleaning wipes on a regular basis? And do you like your containers to be attractive? Heather from Decor-ganize Crafts can say yes to both, and she did something about it with Mod Podge. How can you imitate Heather’s idea? Fabric scraps from your stash and a recycled cleaning wipe container. Then you can leave your wipes out all over the place. Hello conversation piece!

The original blog is no longer there – but you can use this tutorial for the same results.


  1. Adin B says

    Those are really cute! :) I do use wipes in the car and in the house since I got a little boy.:) Thanks for sharing! Mod Podge rocks!

    Adin B

  2. my spare time design says

    I use the disinfectant wipes in the bathroom and kitchen and save as many of the contianers i can find use for….and oone of those is to put a ball of yarn inside and a crochet hook and paper with instructions….it keeps it safe when I take it out of the house and keeps it from rolling all o er the car when I crochet while travelling….i was thinking of how to jazz them up and now I know!

  3. Kara @ Nest Candy says

    I love this idea! I never even thought to beautify my cleaning supplies, but why not?! These are too dang adorable to be hidden under the kitchen sink, that’s for sure!