Sublime Stitching book review

I want to be a hip embroider-er, I really do.  My issue is that I am intrigued with the finished look, but I really don’t know WHAT to embroider.  I feel like I don’t have time to think of patterns, and even if I did, I would certainly pencil a disaster worthy of Craftfail.  Luckily Sublime Stitching by Jenny Hart provides the perfect solution to my embroidery woes – I don’t have to think of one pattern, because there are hundreds in this book.  In fact the official title is Sublime Stitching: Hundreds of Hip Embroidery Patterns and How-To, and it’s published by Chronicle Books.  And that’s exactly what the book is.

Before I begin, I want to direct you to Jenny’s website, Sublime Stitching.  She’s been in the business of hip embroidery for ten years now, so I would say that you can consider her the expert.  Her site features patterns, supplies, a gallery and her blog.  It’s a must-see.  Now for my five favorite things about this book.

1.  The variety of patterns.  There’s a little something for everyone, and for every surface: baby/kid, home decor, gift ideas, fashion and more.  There are also A TON of patterns.  You’ll find more than a few that you want to embroider.

2. The transfer paper.  Thank you Jenny and Chronicle – I’m so happy that I don’t have to get transfer paper and figure out how to get the pattern to the fabric.  All the pattern pages are transfer paper, and there’s even a pocket in the front to hold the patterns once you’ve taken the pages out.

3.  The how-tos for several different stitches.  I honestly don’t know much about hand embroidery (since I’ve never tried it) – but I’m picturing a huge wad of floss on the back of my project.  I was very thankful for the clear instructions at the front of the book, and now know I can avoid this thread wad.  You too can learn to embroider in an afternoon.

4. The additional resources section.  Um, I had no idea there was so much information out there for embroidery.  Yay!  I like it when resources are in one place and I don’t have to go searching around.  Who wants to spent 3 days on Google to find the best online and offline sites for a hobby?

5.  The doggie patterns.  You know I’m a sucker for dogs, and the picture above will show you why I love pattern.  Although I highly recommend not becoming the weird dog lady and embroidering pooches on everything.

I think you can tell I enjoyed this book, and I know you are going to as well.  That’s why I’m giving a copy away.  Here are my standard issue rules:
1. Comment on THIS blog entry. Say anything you would like!
2. Only one entry per person.
3. Contest will close this Wednesday, March 9th at midnight (EST).
4. PLEASE leave your e-mail address if it’s not attached in Blogger – I need some way to reach you.

Full contest disclosure here.
Last week’s winner of Pulp Fiction was Nat.


  1. Anonymous says

    I love her patterns, and have her Embroidered Effects book!! I can say for sure, I’d love to have this book, too.


  2. Anonymous says

  3. Anonymous says

  4. says

    I am very intrigued by the patterns on the post. I would love to have a copy of this book. How wonderful you’re doing a give-away.

  5. Anonymous says

  6. theb5 says

  7. Kelli says

    Oh wow! I would love to win this book. I’ve been wanting to try embroider for some time!


  8. ShellyRaeWood says

    oooh how fun would this be. I LOVED this book when I saw it. I thoroughly adore embroidery. Always have….always will. I am an avid rescuer of vintage, imperfect embroidery pieces. Just last week I saved a couple dozen from the landfill! Ugh! What is wrong with these people, seriously! :) Anywho…..awesome giveaway! Thanks!

  9. Hele says

  10. Sunny Day says

    I have not embroidered in years because I can’t get past pillow cases. With sheets coming in sets now, I don’t do pillow cases any more. I need ideas and this book would give me plenty.

  11. Heather says

    It is is so great to see a craft talent from the past re-surface. I loved to embroider but the the doilies of the 80’s are a bit much.

    Heather@heathersmithaz. Com

  12. kyla says

    I have the embroidered effects book and I love it. Your right it is so nice to have everything already on transfer paper and ready to go. Thanks for the chance to won this fun book! Im keeping my fingers crossed.

  13. Krysstyllanthrox says

    This book sounds just like what I’ve been wanting. I want to embroider, but didn’t know where to get started and I didn’t want the ‘classic’ themes. Perfect!

  14. Lea-Ann says

    i *love* to embroider, but i’m dorky. i would love to win this book and become a rockstar embroiderer!

  15. RoseMamie says

    I’ve been trying to teach myself to embroider for quite awhile now, this book would really be ever so helpful (not to mention adorable!) Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. Shawna says

    This book would be awesome. I’ve recently started embroidering again and need some new stuff to do!

  17. BBR says

    I usually check this blog for decoupage inspiration but I do like embroidery. Haven’t ever tried any luck like this however the book looks so beautiful (even the pincushion made by Japanese way on the coverpage.)


  18. Charlotte says

    I love this book!!![email protected]

  19. Melanie says

    This sounds like the book I need! I have been wanting to try embroidery … but it is kind of daunting to think about … hmmm, hope I win it!

  20. PuNk rAwK pUrL says

    i used to embroider with my grandmother when I was supre young. I haven’t since my adulthood. & I would love to pick it up again.

  21. { kelly jo } says

    I’m with you on wanting to be a hip stitcher- I have a variety of hoops and that’s where it ends for me.

    Such cute ideas!!

  22. leigh7911 says

    I’m trying to branch out from just cross-stitch kits for embroidery. But like you, I never know what to do, pattern-wise. This book looks gorgeous!

  23. Barbara says

    I just started messing around with embroidery, I would love a book to help me out!

  24. Kristin says

    I’m inspired! Years ago I embroidered some retro flour sack towels. I loved them, but that was the extent of my foray into embroidery. What a fantabulous book! Oh the possibilities!

  25. James-Linda says

  26. Carolina Girl Mommy says

  27. NotWaving_Drowning says

    Trying to get back into embroidery.. my aunt taught me when I was younger and these patterns and designs would be a blast!

  28. Dani'sMama says

    I love embroidery…I just wish I was better at it!! Thanks for link to her page!

  29. Cindy deRosier says

    This book would make a perfect gift for my friend! I’d love to win it for her.

  30. Poppychic says

    I’ve been wanting to learn embroidery and this would be a perfect inspirational start!

  31. Tiana says

    I’ve been wanting to try some hand embroidering for a while now. I have lots of ideas, but not the know-how. Would love to get this a shot!

  32. Jodi Russey says

    My goal this month is totally to learn embroidery! I would love to win this book!

  33. Leah says

    I love Sublime Stitching, I love giveaways, and I love Mod Podge Rocks for being so generous! :) *fingers crossed*

  34. Becky says

    OH i love sublime stitching! they have the most creative embroidery. The make it cool again!

  35. Sangeetha says

    Cute designs – sure to find a lot of inspiration – in the meantime, I am going to check out her blog / web page

  36. Anonymous says

  37. Donna says

    Would love to win a copy! Thanks for the giveaway! I see so many that I would love to try!

  38. Linda Moore says

  39. Catherine says

    I love, love, love Sublime Stitching. I have their mermaid pattern and made a super cute tea towel. Would love this book – – thanks for the chance!

  40. says

    LOVE love love the ideas. Never sure what to make, now I want to try a tie, if only hubby were cool enough to wear it. hmmm

  41. Seattle Mama says

    I love Sublime Stitching patterns! I just started embroidering and finished my first official project 2 days ago – a background for displaying my smashed penny collection.

  42. Nicole says

    I love her stuff and have wanted to try it for some time now. Great giveaway!

    medellia_4 at yahoo dot com

  43. says

  44. Kylie Craftafarian says

    What an awesome giveaway! I probably won’t get it but I would absolutely LOVE this book. Thanks!

  45. Superbeautifulmonster says

  46. Aimee says

    I suspect hand embroidery would be easier now than it was when I was 9. I still have that wonky sampler in a frame. Imagine what I could do now!
    Thanks for the chance at the book.

  47. monica. says

    I have been looking for a book like this! It is definitely going on my wish list!

    monzanita at gmail dot com

  48. jane says

    Great giveaway! Been trying to teach myself to embroidery, and let’s just say “been having problems”. Maybe this publication would help.

  49. Teri "Terrific" says

    I’ve just been thinking about embroidering some canvas tags for a scrapbook. This would HELP.
    Thanks for an opportunity to win 😀

  50. Ridgeway Cottage says

    Oooh I’ve seen this book, it’s lovely. I’ll just have to add embroidery to my never ending to do list

  51. Tori Stuckey says

  52. Sleep Goblin says

    Exciting! I love Jenny Hart, and I’ve actually been in the mood for sewing after tackling my first cross-stitch project!

  53. Tiffany says

    I lurk on the Sublime Stitching website, but haven’t had the guts to order a pattern… oh my, I’d LOVE a copy of the book!

  54. Carla says

  55. pxilated says

    I love the look of white embroidery on white fabric. I have a few personalized pillowcases that are so pretty.

  56. Anonymous says

  57. Hallie says

    Oh what a beautiful book! I love the idea od making a tie!! I hope to start teaching my daughter to do this and a tie would be a perfect gift for her Opa for Christmas!! Crossing my fingers! :)

  58. dctm says

    my grandmother used to embroider all the time and I learned from her some…would love to win this book

    Christie C
    dctm at bellsouth dot net

  59. Erika Davison says

    I love to embroider and taught myself in ninth grade after learning a stem stitch to embellish a small frame on a pillow. I actually just ordered my first Jenny Hart pattern last night!

  60. elisekayem says

    I haven’t embroidered in years! Would LOVE to get back into it with the help of this book! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!! :)

    elisegeorgoussis at gmail dot com

  61. Quriky Since 1988♥ says

  62. Jayna Rae says

    Those definitely aren’t my grandma’s embroidery patterns. I LOVE it, especially the guitar.

  63. says

    Haven’t practiced the art of embroidery since high school – much too long! Great pics and patterns now, oh so much cuter than then!

  64. Anonymous says

  65. says

    What great designs! i would love to try those kitchen curtains.
    if i’m lucky enough to win – aurora6772 at sbcglobal dot net

  66. Sarah B says

    What cute embroidery patterns! I would love a copy of this book!


  67. Kathy says

    I have been wanting to try a little embroidery–how wonderful to have a book that not only teaches you how, but includes patterns and transfer paper!

  68. Pineapple Muffin says

  69. Heather says

  70. susie carranza says

  71. mshelle says

    It looks like a beautiful book. Would make a great introduction to embroidery for anyone. Thanks for the review & chance to win it. Think I will have to buy it if I don’t get lucky and win.

  72. *reyanna klein* says

    I REALLY, REALLY want to start embroidering! I would LOVE to win this book! Thank you so much for the chance to win. :-)

  73. Megan says

    I love Sublime Stitching! I’ve used a couple of their patterns before and would love to have the book.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    TerraBella01 AT gmail DOT com

  74. audrey smith says

  75. Kelli says

    I’ve been wanting to do some embroidery, but never seem to get started…maybe having this book with ideas would be all I needed. Thanks for the chance!

  76. Karen says

  77. Melanie says

    Oooohhh…I would love this book! The embroidered ties are so cute!


  78. says

    oh hello, BEST GIVEAWAY EVER!! i love her website and all her great info. this book would be awesome!

    tfoxcreations at gmail dot com

  79. Alexa says

    Wonderful give-away! I have been wanting this book for a while!


  80. Pat K says

    I haven’t done embroidery for quite awhile and would love to get back into it. I think this book would give me aa good push to try it again!

  81. Alycia ( says

    i love sublime stitching! i’d love a chance thank you :)

  82. Alissa Jones says

    I’m a big fan of sublime stitching and would love a chance for the book!

  83. jessica says

    I would love to have this book. I’m a big fan of Jenny Hart and started embroidery last year.

  84. Nancy Isley says

  85. Miss Fae says

    We keep checking this out from the library, and it would be great to have our own copy!

    erinfae (at} gmail

  86. Princess Hippie says

    I already own Jenny’s Embroidered Effects and love it. It would be great to have more of her fabulous patterns!

  87. Queenie says

  88. Annie says

    I’m a wannabe hip stitcher, too. I’m just not cool enough, but I’d love to pretend that I am.

    anabidia @ yahoo dot com

  89. Eliza says

    I have heard phenomenal things about this book! I recently purchased Hart’s Embroidered Effects (which is also great).

  90. Georganna says

    Jenny is awesome! I wish I could be as hip as her… maybe if I had this book I could have the opportunity to glean some of her coolness…

  91. Jen says

  92. Jazztsax says

    Love Jenny Hart and Sublime Stitches. This book is on my wishy list, so many things I can make for the kids, me, gifts!!

  93. Estee says

    I love the patterns and I really need to be an embroider. it looks like so much fun!

  94. Jules says

    I’ve been oogling Jenny’s stuff for a while now and wanted to start something of my own. This book would sooo help me get started on the path to embroidery loveliness! Thanks!

  95. Jade Boylan illustration says

    oh how i would luuuuurve to be a hip embroiderer! this book looks totally super dee duper! ◕‿◕ ♥

  96. Anna says

  97. britfrintner says

  98. ThePaintedPisces says

    I learned how to embroider a little with my gramma (“Nini”) when I was four. Would love to win this book.

  99. Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B says

    Ohh! Pick me! Pick me! I would LOVE to have this little treasure!

  100. Sharon says

    I have several of Jenny’s patterns but have yet to make anything. Someday. Perhaps seeing the patterns come alive in front of my eyes (hint, hint:) would help me get started stitching.
    Thanks for the opportunity !

  101. Mary Ann says

  102. Jennifer ~ Mi Vida Loca says

    I am loving Jenny Hart & Sublime Stitching and it seems like everytime I turn around, there she is again! And I love it!!! :) This is a great prize! I didn’t even know she had a book…Thanks for the chance to win!

  103. spicytaco says

  104. Anonymous says

    I am thinking about getting into embroidery and a friend of mine highly recommends her books. I am new to your blog but I used to decoupage like crazy so this blog has lots to read! thanks!

  105. says

  106. Katie S says

  107. jelvistar says

  108. CoolioChristy3 says

  109. Karen Farley says

    What a great book!!!! I want to say “Thank you Mom” for teaching me to embroider as I was growing up. Embroidery is great!!!!!

  110. veronica says

    Cool book! I like embroidery but I usually have to do a lot of searching to find cute patterns!

  111. Marlene says

    I’ve been wanting to try my hand at embroidery.

    onlyjustine at yahoo dot com

  112. Anonymous says

  113. Jane Jeffress Thomas says

    I would love to win this giveaway. Cute patterns you have shown.

    jane1 at cp-tel dot net

  114. Laura says

    I used to have this book, but gifted it to a friend – I’d love to win a new copy!

    shelovestocraft at gmail

  115. Arathi says

    This reminds me of my childhood afternoons spent in embroidering hankies. I would love to win this book! Thanks!

  116. Kate says

  117. Jennifer says

  118. aj says

    I haven’t done embroidery in more years than I care to admit, but the designs shown in your post here are making me want to get into it again…

  119. keNi says

  120. Tanya says

    The dogs are super cute. I think I like the thought of embroidering on a skirt or jeans. Hope I win.

  121. Kory says

    I am a big fan of cross-stitch but I have never done much with embroidery. As I am someone who likes to personalize everything (usually I Mod Podge cool papers onto all things stationary) and I am excited about this book! Hopefully I will win. If not, I think I will still check the book out since I am terrible at freehand things.

  122. Carlin says

    I have always wanted to get more into embroidery. So far the closest I’ve gotten as a few lame attempts and a good bit of cross stitch. Her website is amazing!

    carlinaluz at gmail

  123. aja reeser says

    yay!! i’ve been following jenny’s blog for months now and love it! i just ordered a few of her patterns and transfer paper the other day and am waiting by the mailbox in anticipation as we speak! thanks for the opportunity to win her book…

    ajareeser (at) gmail (dot) com