Spring break string bowls.

Mod Podge string bowls for kids
Can you say spring break string bowls? Fast? And a hundred times? I can. Vanna from Queen Vanna Creations actually made these for a winter break kids’ project, but they’d be great for any break – and so many of your children have spring break right about now. These bowls are budget friendly, great stash busters and stinkin’ cute. I really want to make these for myself because not only are they darling, but I have loads of yarn. While I head off to string bowl production, please take a peek at Vanna’s tutorial here.


  1. Plush Possum Studio says

    How cute are these? Of course, any good idea can inspire us to try variations on a theme. You’ve really got us thinking here!
    Rose & Studio Friends

  2. astromen says

    These are so cute! I made something similar for Easter a few years ago, shorter so they looked more like nests and put little chicks in them. Great idea!