How to make playful party straws

Mod Podge party straws
Someone along the way turned me into a drink-with-straw person, and I don’t know who it was (or is it whom?). I thought this playful party straws idea spotted on CRAFT was super cute – that way the next time you’re at a picnic, you and your friends can have matching stripey straws but not be afraid of swapping spit. If you make these with Mod Podge, they be durable enough to save for a second round. Get the tutorial here.


  1. ReUseItNut says

    I love that idea! We could have used that at my grandson b-day party for all the kids! We ended up trying to write on the top of the cups using a pen (did’nt work that well) Thanks 4/sharing!

  2. Meg says

    Who doesn’t love drinking out of a straw? I even drink my coffee from a staw! These are so cute and I love the colors!