DIY Anthropologie inspired pears

Anthropologie inspired pearsI personally think that the world should be decoupaged with book pages, so I was tickled when I came across these Anthropologie inspired pears by Emily from On the V Side. Emily took some pear ornaments that she had on clearance, spray painted them and then gave them this cute makeover. Visit the full story here. And now I ask you – what can you cover in book pages?


  1. Janet says

    These are awesome! Maybe Easter eggs or Pumpkins for seasonal items. I would love to do the interior of a closet!

  2. CountryBelle says

    I haven’t been able to modgepodge anything with book pages. I feel terrible about ripping or cutting the pages out of a book. Absolutely terrible about it… but it looks soooo pretty!

  3. Plush Possum Studio says

    This is a great example of how smart women may give a home a high cost look with a few bucks and a little creative flair. Love this!

  4. VeganCraftastic says

    What a great idea, thanks for sharing the link! I agree with the first commenter, covered pumpkins would be great for Fall/Halloween!

  5. Anita says

    I would feel terribly guilty about tearing up a book myself, even if it was some ratty old thrift store find. I think that pattern boxes or desk organizers would be adorable done that way though…maybe I should find someone to tear up books for me…

  6. Grammy Goodwill says

    Love the pears. I just wanted to publicly thank you for answering my questions. Not only Mod Podge rocks – you rock, too!

  7. catnap says

    I like these pears. Can’t think of any other book page covered ideas right now. I do have to say that I like the way you credited the source: inspired. I’ve never been to an Anthropologie store but I sure have seen a ton of blogs mentioning it. They often boast about having a blatant Anthropologie design rip off. Ironically, every blog has its obligatory warning not to rip off the blogger’s ideas, designs or photos, at least not for profit or without giving credit to the artist/blogger. People have an odd vision of intellectual property. Do the people who designed those coveted products for Anthropologie ever get credit? Anyway, “inspired” seems a more polite way to phrase it than the gleeful “rip off.”

  8. G Love says

  9. Renaissance Soul says

    The pears are adorable! I’ve modpodged just about any and everything with book pages! Our extra refrigerator in the basemet, notebooks, suitcases, an entire bathroom christmas ornaments, pumpkins, lampshades……I’ll post a few on my blog today!, Love this site and all of the brave and awesome ideas of others!

  10. Liz says

    This is a fantastic idea and just the inspiration I needed to complete my coffee table decor!