Desperately seeking Man Podger

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 11.13.05 PMAre you a man? And do you like to Mod Podge? Then we need to chat. I’m seeking a new Mod Podge Rocks contributor with both a healthy dose of testosterone and a love of Mod Podge – someone who can do more DIY-type projects than I do.

Ladies, if you know of anyone (including but not limited to DH) please send him my way. I’m a kind taskmaster and this position pays. Please send an e-mail to modpodgerocks at gmail dot com. Hope to talk to you soon!

Her blog is no longer there, so I’ll let you use the image above for inspiration.


  1. Plush Possum Studio says

    Good old Rosie! Hope you find the guy who’s just the right fit here soon!

  2. PuNk rAwK pUrL says

    good luck w/ the search!

    every time I see the cover of this book I smile so big!

  3. Heather - says

    I hope you find your Man Podger!!! Can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

  4. Natalie @ Corduroy Dreams says

    I love the term “man podger” If my husband ever even glances at the mod podge, I’m gonna use it on him! So funny!

  5. Dallas says

    Im a Guy! haha

    I’ve been a recently new podger since this past summer. Except my stuff (the few things i have mod podged) i’ve been doing with an urban twist

  6. B. Parks says

    I am wondering if you can use modgepodge over a chalkboard. I would like to write on the chalkboard and then cover it with something so the chalk stays on the chalkboard.

    Your help is appreciated.
    B. Parks

    • Amy says

      Hi there! You can, but you have to be very careful about smearing the chalk, and you will render the chalkboard unusable.