Decoupage photography dresser

Mod Podge decoupage DIY dresserI don’t use the word “decoupage” a lot around here but I’m trying to be technical today so that you will think I’m smart and know what I’m talking about. Is it working?

I spotted this dresser at Sew Kate Sew and I had to share because I know you will appreciate it as much I do. Isn’t it grand? Kate’s black and white effect really makes a statement. It also shows you that you can Mod Podge photographs, which many of you have asked me before. Note that if you print your photographs out on an inkjet printer, you must seal them with a clear acrylic sealer before Mod Podging or the ink will smear. With laserjet prints you are good to go immediately. Visit Kate’s super cool dresser here.


  1. Dawn says

    that is SO cool!!! and i didn’t know if you could actually use photos, but now i do!

    i have fallen in love with mod podge. THANK YOU!!! just did my dining room table in postcards :)

  2. Plush Possum Studio says

    How striking!
    As a tributary to your thought about the laserprints, our studio has enjoyed great success with using Xerox color copier prints in the same way, but never with such success!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. debi says

    I love the dresser! Keeping it black and white was the best idea ever! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Christine's Arts says

    It’s working… decoupage is almost a big word you know! I love this idea and I’m going to try it on a smaller scale. I have a small wooden jewelry box that I think this will work great on. Thanks for sharing Amy!!!
    and Dawn, love the postcard idea too.

  5. My name is Amee says

    I so LOVE this idea! I love photos of my family and this would be awesome to do! I have a small desk that this would be perfect for!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. amber says

    This is fabulous! I want to make a 1950’s hollywood dresser from old photos for my room! so great, thank you sooo much for this idea :)