Amazingly awesome dollhouse

dollhouse before after web
Before I start on this project, I have to tell you that this picture reminds me of the movie UP (of course). The best part is that I saw the movie for the first time with my dad at my parents’ house in Seattle – and it was my dad who had seen it and loved it. My dad is not a “sweet” man per se, at least by outside appearances. Yet the beginning of the movie really moved him, the part where there are scenes of the old man’s life and no words. My dad and I have gone through some rough patches in our relationship, and seeing that movie with him endeared him to me. Go see it if you haven’t!

But that’s enough about me. Onto the fun project.

This house with balloons is actually a dream dollhouse that Kiki from Kiki Creates decorated for her daughter. I saw the pictures of the outside and thought “what a pretty blue” and then “I love those flags.” Then I saw the pictures of the other side. And the roof. I’m still in awe. Kiki did a lot of the decorating with Mod Podge, and the detail is amazing. Visit her site here to see it all for yourself.


  1. Queen of the Nook says

    I watched Up at home after my kids went to bed because I had been warned. I cried and cried at the beginning and just LOVE that film. This dollhouse is also amazing!

  2. janine says

    Love the dollhouse!! I have never seen the movie but willing to give it a try. I always seem to be saying that Disney type movies are not my style but can turn right around and list about 100 that I’ve seen and loved (go figure…lol). I know what you mean about rough patches with dad’s—my dad & I have gone through a few of them, too, over the years. It’s a lot better now that I’m older. Dad seems to be getting a lot smarter, the older I get. Some days I wish I could go back to being a teenager when I knew everything….lol