Alice in Wonderland dresser re-do

alice in wonderland dresserThere have been a variety of Alice in Wonderland series on TV and in the movies, but there is one in particular I remember: this one. Did any of you see it? This version featured Redd Buttons, Scott Baio, Telly Savalas, Ringo Starr, Sammy Davis Jr., Carol Channing, Beau Bridges . . . I loved it. I still remember songs from the movie, and I’ve loved Alice in Wonderland ever since.  I had some rough school years back then, so it was one of the few good things I remember about the 80s. I need to rent it on VHS!

Since I love Alice in Wonderland, I generally like any crafty project that features it. Josie from The Owl and the Elephant found this fabric and decoupaged it to a a dresser – and oh my, you HAVE to see the fantastic knobs they were waiting for to finish out the piece. I hope you’ll visit the project here, and feel free to leave comments about Alice in Wonderland OR the 80s – or both.


  1. Sarah @ Sugar and Shimmer says

    Love this project and also have the same warm fuzzy memories as you about that particular tv version of Alice in Wonderland. But don’t rent it on VHS – I found it on DVD!

  2. Jayna Rae says

    AWESOME!!! Those are my all time favorite Alice illustrations. There’s a large one etched on glass in a nearby antique store . . . to die for. Your dresser is also to die for. If I had a little girl her name wold be Alice and her room would be a honeysuckle and bright blue tea theme with this dresser.

  3. Helby says

    I actually own that TV version on DVD. And the Jabberwocky part still kinda freaks me out.
    I caught an eastern European version on Netflix one time that was completely freaky. It was stop-motion with marionettes. Totally weird.

  4. AngieDMac says

    That is amazing! And I love everything Alice in Wonderland! :) I can’t wait to see the final product. The knobs are sooo cute!

  5. Mrs. Ruden says

    I absolutely love that movie, and I love the music in it. I happened to find it on DVD and had to buy it!

  6. says

    We saw that one growing up too. My sister (also and Amy) talked about it for years. Probably about 10 years ago my mom & I hunted it down on VHS. However, my sister’s FAVORITE scene was missing. The one where a baby turns into a pig – or vice versa – she was so disappointed she never watched it again!

  7. Melissa {TheScarletCardinal} says

    haha! That movie made me terrified of Carol Channing until well into my adulthood.

    Gret project as well!

  8. lavendarrose29 says

    ok they totally have that movie on DVD and I think I got mine at Fred Meyers or Walmart for 5 bucks. Its my favorite Alice in Wonderland too.