Valentine’s gift guide: white

White Felted Hearts Made From Recycled Sweater

I’m not typically into Valentine’s Day, but this year I’ve changed my tune a bit – I’ve discovered the color white.  I think the issue the entire time has been that I’m more a blue person than a red person, and hearts and roses don’t come in blue.  Then I figured out that it doesn’t have to be that way.  You might be like me, so I got the idea to change it up a little bit and write about the trend of white for Valentine’s Day.  It turns out it’s not really my idea.  Check out this article from The Inside Source.  I did a little exploration on ebay and found some craft supplies that I really liked and could incorporate into my projects.

For all of you ...

The lacy look drew me in first.  I’m all about doilies, and I didn’t realize there are heart doilies.  I’m enjoying incorporating doilies into my crafts; I like the lacy look because it’s vintage – which led me to white lace.  Of all the laces I looked at, I like the white daisy trim the most.  These options are relatively inexpensive for adding interest to a project.

Red & white fabrics

My next stop was textiles.  I searched for hearts on white fabric and came up with a lot of cute selections.  I love the idea of sewing something with white fabric but having those touches of red or pink to make it obviously Valentine’s Day.  I’m picturing a cute dress for a little one!  In the textiles section I also found white felt, which is great for accents, as well as white yarn.  I now want a white yarn scarf with a little red hard embroidered on it.  Luckily I can knit.

White Crochet Cotton Flowers

The last thing I checked out was white embellishments.  I adore white crochet flowers and I have to purchase them since I can’t crochet worth a hoot.  Is it weird that I can knit like a bandit but I can’t use a crochet hook?  I’ve tried several times.  Anyhoo, along the same lines of white crochet flowers are white rosettes, which are great for hot gluing onto a project.  For some smaller and more crafty embellishments, go for white crystals or white buttons.  And you know how I love buttons.

I hope I’ve helped give you some alternative ideas for Valentine’s Day crafting.  Don’t feel like you have to go with red or pink as your main color – you don’t.  White as just as lovable as any other color.  For more ideas like mine visit The Inside Source.


  1. Arathi says

    Even I like white to be associated with Valentines Day! In fact I have made a heart plush made of sateen and filled with pot pourri and added a lacey edge to the heart. That’s for my hubby! It’s still a secret, so I have not posted about it on my blog yet! :)

  2. kami @ says

    I love how simple the heart shaped doilie is.

    And don’tcha just love the word doilie?! :)

    doilie – doilie – doilie – :)

  3. Kristina says

    It’s funny that you can knit, but not crotchet. I can crotchet like a bandit, and I can even do a crotchet stitch that uses a hook and a knitting needle, but give me two knitting needles and I’m utterly lost.

    I love the little white heart pillows.