Faux tin letters and union jack

Mod Podge vintage love sign
Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m going to be honest, I’m not really a pink hearts kind of person in my home decor (although I’ve done those type of projects). What’s more my speed is this love plaque by Amanda at House Revivals. It gets the point across without getting too mushy. Are you a Valentine’s Day person?  I’m not, but I’m so curious if you are. Whether you are or not, you should check out Amanda’s project, because her handmade dimensional letters and union jack background are really cool. Thanks Amanda; thanks Mod Podge. Visit her entire tutorial here.


  1. Melissa P says

    I’m with you–no mushy Valentine’s here. Nothing against the sentiments behind the holiday, just none of the “fluff” in my house.

  2. Courtney @ Scraps and Scribbles says

    I’m not into all of the “fluff” either. And I’m not a huge fan of pink.

  3. House Revivals says

    Thanks, Amy, for featuring my project! It was fun to do, and tearing those strips of fabric was great therapy :)

  4. Plush Possum Studio says

    In our studio, you won’t find a thing up right now to celebrate this day. i guess you could say we’re sick of the theme. This is mainly because our design efforts went into the idea last month. I still like hearts in general, and my friends can take or leave ’em. :)

  5. Sew DoggyStyle says

    OMG, did Mod Podge Amy really stop by my blog?!!?! So exciting!!!! Lol, thanks for the comment…made MY day!

    We are not Valentine’s people over here. Chocolate will go to my thighs, stuffed animals will take up storage space, and flowers will die. However, I do like potted flowers…and puppies.

    Erika and Sebastian