Chest of drawers and headboard.

I wish I had known about Mod Podge when I was little РI would have blown out my room decorating with it. Fortunately and unfortunately my mom was a seamstress, so it was always sewn crafts. Little did I know there was a perfectly orange bottle of wonder awaiting me in my adult years. And these two projects are why I love it. I think that Kristi from Addicted 2 Decorating has possibly made the most fun and funky headboard and dresser for a kid EVER. Both furniture pieces underwent a huge transformation, and I just love the results. Visit her dresser here and then go to the headboard tutorial here.


  1. Crystal says

    Oh,that’s so cute. I just did my own dresser redo with mod podge and then I went crazy with it,doing my desk,a shelf,some mirrors. Right now I’m looking around thinking of more stuff I can mod podge! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I bet the mod podge people send you cases of that white sticky gold,don’t they??

  2. Catherine says

    I like how she went with a patchwork style. It’s not too often I see boy friendly furniture makeovers, so that’s great too!

  3. Angela McInnis says

    Hi, Amy…I love the furniture re-do in this post. Can’t wait to try my hand at it…I have posted a blog today that is completely devoted to MP! It’s a gallery of my canvases, etc. Thought you might stroll over and check it out if you have a minute..I use the stuff for everything..LOVE your blog!