Valentine’s suncatchers

I’m trying to focus on fun projects and not the fact that I’ve been stuck in Mod Podge Command Central for three days because of ice on the roads. Don’t get me wrong, I love this place, but I’m going stir crazy at this point. So let’s talk about Valentine’s Day!

Amanda from Crafts By Amanda created these suncatchers for Craftown, and the project is fun for adults and children as well. I’m not a big Valentine’s Day person, but I would love to make these and put them in the window. They are very cute, and I need a project to take my mind off day three of my captivity. Find the complete tutorial here.


  1. Karrieann says

    …those are cute! I am also not one into Valentine’s but those will be perfect for a ‘lil pick me up!
    Thank You!

  2. Laura-Lee says

    Very pretty! Don’t laugh…I just bought my first container of ModPodge! Dying to get into it!

  3. Lori m says

    Those are cute, I really don’t have any good windows for them, might make a few for our daughter’s place. I’ve been snowed in over a foot in less then 24 hours so I did a Mod Podge Wordle Project for our daughter to display in her place.

    Thank you for yet another awesome idea.

    Lori m

  4. Amanda says

    Thanks for featuring these Amy! i hope you have been released from your icy captivity by now! :)

  5. pam says

    Sun catchers are cropping up everywhere! Funny how they seem most popular when there is no sun!

    These are so cheerful!