Make collage postcards from your travels

postCard_10 postCard_36I am a road tripper. I like to travel outside of the country as well, although I will tell you that I am terrified to fly. I do it anyway, but I don’t like it. That’s why road trips are so fun for me; no pressure, just the open road. If you are like me, then you might like this site: the Guide to Uniquely Odd Tourist Attractions. I’ve referred to it many a time.

Speaking of traveling, I was more-than-pleased to find these fun postcards from Marty and Kelly from The Pan American Dream. In 2010 they traveled 10,000 miles in Alaska over three months, and collected a lot of goodies on their trip. What did they do? They made postcard collages to commemorate their journey using Mod Podge. Looking at these makes me happy, and some of the make me laugh. What a great idea. See the complete collection here.


  1. Reflections from Granny says

    First sure wish it was my trip I was making the post cards from Alaska, beautiful! Love this idea, I have some neat ones from Lake Tahoe I may just give this a whirl, thank you. :)

    Lori m

  2. jenn says

    Thanks for that great link to roadside america! We’re heading south to Vermont in about 10 weeks and I was wondering what to do since I’ve already seen what I thought was all there was! I plugged VT into the search and I haven’t been to anything on the list! Yays!!!

  3. KateB says

    al lurking all over your blog…this was a cool project but just think, with the Flip-Pal, you wouldn’t have to cut up all those brochures!

  4. Penny says

    Using cereal boxes, etc is a great way to re-use the card stock needed for this project. You can even keep the design on the box and add more of what you want to it !