IKEA hack – photo negative lamp

Mod Podge IKEA lamp hack with photo negativesI happened upon this Grönö lamp (from IKEA) hack using photo negatives at Poopscape, and after I was laughing at the name of the blog, I decided I really like it. The hack is funky and easy and pretty much wonderful. I love it even more than Claire named her blog Poopscape, and so I’m going to say it again. Poopscape. Hee-hee. Visit the entire project tutorial here.

PS – Interested in more Mod Podge lamps? Click here.

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  1. Lei says

    THIS IS AWESOME! Sorry to shout like that… but I so lvoe this. And I have film from my photography days before digital. So I am gonna make this fo sho. :)

  2. Ecofroggy says

    very clever.. i wish i knew how to post to her site other than her email…her tutorials are great :)

  3. Pixie in Pumps says

    I saw this too and LOVE it. I have a lot of negatives from college (i minored in photography) and this would be a brilliant use for them as well as such a great addition to my studio!

  4. Lori m says

    This is one of those different but awesome ideas. Love the blog site and the catchy name. :)

  5. Anonymous says

    Whoa. Thanks guys! I’m really glad the project was so well received and double-glad that people might actually give it a go. Excellent!

    Noreen- I used old negatives that students of mine developed a couple of years ago and were discarded. I keep EVERYTHING!

    Claire Chauvin

  6. Tricia says

    I LOVE THIS!!!!! I found your blog through Dana @ Saturday Mornings. YAY!

    Mod Podge does indeed rock. :)

  7. Nathalie Thompson says

    And I just came into some really old negs (2 x 3” b & w). I could SO do this project right now! Thanks for the link to Poopscape! Love that name. LoL!

  8. Cora says

    What a wonderful idea. I think I have a way of using this for some digital photos that I have on computer. I have been wanting to have some unusual lamps that are special for the living room.

    These are them and they are inexpensive. Will blog about them once I have made them.